Monday, September 4, 2017

Praise be! Steamworld Dig 2 coming to Vita!


Just last week we learned that Image & Form - who produced the excellent Steamworld Dig and critically acclaimed Steamworld Heist - was launching Steamworld Dig 2 on Nintendo Switch on September 21st, with a PC and PS4 release "only a few days later."

Steamworld Dig is a sweet, smooth, purely pleasurable 2D action-platformer, and I love it.  Steamworld Dig 2, on Switch, is definitely an indie that I am very jelly of, and I was pretty sad there was no Vita announcement - so today's news is very welcome indeed.

It'll launch on PS4 and Vita on September 26th!  Wooo!

Here's the deets from today's PS Blog post on the subject:
1. A New Protagonist 
Rusty has disappeared. In SWD2, Dorothy McCrank is here to fill his boots. She’s gone from a sidelined sidekick in the original SteamWorld Dig to an awesome hero able to save the day. It’s up to Dorothy (and you) to accept the challenge and embark on an epic underground adventure.

2. New Companions 
You won’t dig into adventure on your own this time. The game is host to a wonderful cast of characters with their own personalities, quirks and purposes. Some will help you more actively on your journey, while some will do their best to get in your way. We’ll let you figure out exactly who these people are on your own…

3. New Upgrades 
The upgrades played a big role in the original Dig. This time they’re bigger, better and and will take you to places you’ve never been before. Besides carving your way through the earth with your trusty pickaxe, you will literally fly through caves with the Jet Engine and grab faraway treasure with the new Hookshot. Expect even more awesome gear as the game progresses.

4. A Big, Sprawling World To Explore 
SteamWorld Dig 2 is huge and full of treasure, traps and dangers. While the original was short and sweet, SWD2 will be a much longer experience. Expect at least 10 hours of gameplay time, and even more if you plan to explore every corner of the world and find every dirty little secret…

5. A New Musical Backdrop 
El Huervo of Hotline Miami fame is composing the game’s soundtrack. It’s got a new vibe compared to previous SteamWorld soundtracks and we think you’re gonna dig it!


Oh I guess I should drop a trailer in here...

Y'know what?  No.

No.  I'm not goin' down that road, today.   Here's two:

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