Monday, October 30, 2017

Ghost of Tsushima (!!!) is... (!!!)

I've got a game, in my head.  It's been there for years, and its title is Five Body Blade.  In feudal Japan, blades were tested on the bodies of executed criminals, stacked one on top of another.  Only the best swords were able to cleanly cut through five bodies in one stroke, and I thought it made a cool and suitably morbid title (while promising awesome loot).

Five Body Blade would be an open-world action game, set in feudal Japan with an emphasis on branching narrative and a living world where you could strike out in any direction and experience a story, throwing in with this feudal lord or that one, and playing your story to its conclusion.
Credits roll, start a new game, strike out in another direction - refuse to swear yourself to any lord's service, end up protecting a village from a band of bloodthirsty bandits, tell your story, credits roll, start over.

Lose the tutorial combat, get your arm chopped off, play the rest of the game as a one-armed Ronin, mastering a whole new sword style.  Ridiculously ambitious, I suppose.  But it's my dream game.  It's my fantasy.  It would have heavy RPG elements, and be produced by a western studio (preferably Rockstar, with combat overseen by Hideki Kamiya - because it's my dream).

Now, I bring this up because we finally learned, today, what Sucker Punch (Sly Cooper, inFamous) has been working on since inFamous: First Light launched.  I don't know if there's a branching narrative (I don't believe there is), I don't know if the combat is any good, but... well, watch this.

It is open-world.  That's all we know, really.  Well, that and it's about Kublai Khan and that one time the Mongols tried to invade Japan, starting at the island of Tsushima.

So I am bursting with questions and there's so much I want to know but we don't have a release window or year or anything, and I'm just dying to see some gameplay beyond the two little snips we got at the very end of the trailer.  But that's okay!

  • western developer
  • one of my favorite western developers!
  • Samurai game
  • open-world
  • looks gorgeous. 
WOOOOOOO!  Ghost of Tsushima is, far and away, the awesomest thing Sony has announced in years. 

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  1. This looks smexy as hell.I can't remember the last time a video game villain had a monologue this good.

    Oh wait: