Sunday, October 1, 2017

Long Cut 11 - Sympathy For The Devil (Dorado Mercy)

Last night, Alex and I actually grouped up with my brother for a few games.  I warned them as we were queing that our MMR (match making rating) would be artificially adjusted upwards, and we would be matched against stronger players because the system assumes we would have higher coordination.  I was right - we were thrown into some very, very tough games.

When I saw our comp - me on Mercy, Chris (my brother) on Tracer, Alex on Bastion and a Widow, Torb and Sym, I did not think we had a chance.

I love Mercy, Sym and Torb defenses as a general rule, but in my experience they rarely work out without a shield tank.  Bastion yearns for a shield.  Torb rocks with an Orisa shield in front of his turret - and while I'm always prepared to give a Widowmaker a chance, I'm never going to assume they know what the heck they're doin'.

I had very little faith.

That was pretty sick when I leapt off the stairway and picked the Junk as he was falling, right?  

And stay the fuck away from my Bastion, Soldier!  Why even bother killing him?  If it's not obvious by now, I'll just rez.  Kill me first, man!

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