Friday, October 6, 2017

Overwatch Clip Show 48 - Turn Up.

The best picks and plays from last weekend's games.  There's some really lovely stuff in here. 

Clip Show 48 - Turn Up from David Ferber on Vimeo.

Oh here it is on YouTube, if you prefer (Vimeo has better compression.)

0:17 - 0:23 : Ohohoh while leaping off the roof, Hanzo!  While leaping off the roof!

0:23 - 0:33 : This one move made this Bastion terrified of me for the rest of the match.  He refused to ever go into turret form around me again, which made it very easy for me to dance around him while my team cleaned him up.  Ended up with a pretty good killstreak!

0:36 - 0:42 : Alex, remember when we're on Junkertown and this Hanzo wipes us and I say "the Hanzo's good.  In fact I think I just watched him get Play of the Game?"  This is that Hanzo, on my next spawn. (The Hanzo had gotten PotG, for the record lol.)

0:42 - 1:09 : The sweetest part of the killstreak from the Cry To Me long cut.  The best part is definitely when I land that oh-so-perfect clip on the Widow... and she quits the game.  That's it.  No more.  No reason to try to kill that Tracer.

1:23 - 1:30 : While flying through the aiiir!

1:29 - 1:33 : This humble doublekill with the pulse bomb was actually the PotG of this match!

1:33 - 1:42 : This sweet triple with the pulse bomb was not PotG of this match, because of the aforementioned Hanzo.  I really should upload that Match Highlights vid, but I think I wanna' change the song (spoiler: I kicked his ass.)

1:42 - 2:01 : Chasing a Symmetra into an enclosed space is generally not a good idea, but I did very well, thank you very much.  Shutting down the enemy Tracer's flank attempt - punctuated by a melee finisher?  Delicious.

2:02 - 2:17 : Another Play of the Game, this time for saving the Mercy from the Mei's icicle, and killing Mei.  I've also been linking it every time a support complains on forums about their DPS abandoning them, which satisfied.

2:17 - 2:24 : Picking Pharah out of the air is always a tasty treat.

2:24 - 2:32 : I heard this Genji running up behind me as I started through the high ground on Numbani, and I love how I handled this.  I position myself on the health pack, facing the door he'll come through.  This allows me to start shooting without fear of his deflect, as I'm able to just stop shooting and recover any lost health via the pack.  Then I blink through him, anticipating his swift strike (which he misses, because I'm no longer there), and he's so disoriented by what just happened, he's wide open to a finishing spray and a quick bop to the face.


2:49 - 2:53 : Another lovely duel with another DPS.  Simply beating her to the health pack was all it took.  The melee finisher?  Still feels incredibly badass.

2:53 - 3:02 : This pulse bomb only woulda' gotten the Mercy if my brother hadn't booped Roadhog into it on D.Va.  He loses his MEKA, but we get both picks!

3:02 - 3:06 : One of the smoothest D.Va picks I've ever had.

3:10 - 3:33 : Our final Play of the Game.  A desperation pulse bomb on Oasis scores both enemy supports, and a quick clip and melee takes out the Hanzo as he unleashes his dragons.  Half a clip softens up Soldier for my team to take out, a clip into McCree does the same, and I finish off Junk to take the point.  Lovely!

3:35 - 3:54 : Ha!

[update] Oh my GOD check out Zen's new Halloween skin!