Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Overwatch Long Cut 12 - Vibrating Pulses.

Just a Winston game from a week or two ago, nothin' special.  I keep waiting for inspiration to make a Tracer vid - and I have some lovely long cuts waiting for the right song, maybe - but nothing's really springing to the front.

So we're attacking on Hanamura and it is NOT going well.  We have one tank - D.Va - and I'm refusing to play Mercy with a solo tank out of principle or some shit, so I'm playing Zen.  One of our squad mates switches to Mercy, and I immediately switch to the monkey.

I make a lot of errors, here!

  • I can't believe I didn't make that jump on the Hanzo. 
  • instead of lamely returning to the point, I should've gone up the stairs and handled Hanzo (I mean it worked out, but whatever)
  • I shouldn't have dropped the bubble when the enemy Mei hit Cryo Freeze on point B (I mean, it worked out, but whatever). 

All that being said, this still ended up feeling very badass, at the time.  What a lame play of the game!  But it's really, really nice to see a comp, reach into your toolkit and draw out just the right hero to shatter the reds.

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