Friday, October 13, 2017

Overwatch Match Highlights 14 - Feel It Still (Hanamura Tracer)

No new Clip Show this week - tragic, I agree!  I just didn't have the time to go through last week's footage.  This is in no way due to how fun Battle Chasers is or the acquisition of a brand new Super Nintendo Classic (!!!).

This week it's just the highlights of a very fun match on Hanamura.  I really feel like this isn't my best work, but going 35 and 4 is pretty damn good, winning without a Mercy (while the other team has one) is better, and getting the enemy team so scared of me that they completely abandon pushes to chase me?  Well, that's the best.

I don't like using very popular songs in my vids, but I ended up falling for Feel It Still earlier in the week, and only learned it was some big hit after I'd cut the vid together and I was like "well I can either post it as-is or post nothing," and I wasn't about to let you down, dear reader.

I know how much these mean to you.

Of note..!

0:00 - 0:28 : Some folks on forums like to complain about flankers who start out beyond the Hanamura choke.  This is why you don't listen to those haters.  Team kill!

0:41 - 0:46 : I have no idea why Mercy was just standing there, waiting to get picked, but she got piiicked.  I continued trying to hold the point, but my team had abandoned hope and remained back at point B.  Then, the Zen killed me.

I don't know why I felt the need to include every death of mine in this video.  Upon reflection, it's not actually representative of my performance in the match, as the highlights vid pretty much only includes my killing blows and none of the parts where I filled up an enemy with damage and someone else picks them (see: the fate of the Hog at the end of the video).

Really, what I should've done was only include the two times where the Zen gets me, because there's a little rivalry narrative going on there.

0:54 - 1:16 : The only teamfight to actually take place on point B, I've got a Pulse Bomb in the chamber with Mei's name on it, but she busts her Cryo Freeze early, so I stick it to Rein.  It doesn't get the killing blow on him, but it blows through almost all of his HP, and is easy to finish off.

I get the killing blow on Mercy after she flies in to Rez Rein, and then I do the Tracer Hustle, blink - shoot - blink - shoot around the point until Mei blows her Blizzard.  Ana BioNades Rein, Hanzo takes him out, Ana finishes off Genji (Ana was incredible - more on that later), I finish Mei and that's all she wrote.

1:34 - 2:01 : I honestly didn't expect half the enemy team to chase after me when I dove on their Soldier, but the fact that I'm able to run circles around them makes everything okay.  The Soldier actually kills himself!  Whether he jumped off the edge or suicided on his own Helix Rocket after I softened him up is unknown - I was already around the corner - but keeping the team occupied lets Chris get a solid pick on their Mei in the absence of the other four.  Then I bail, give 'em a cheeky wave and return to the safety of the point.

2:10 - 2:20 : Oh come now, Zen.  It's one thing to teabag (a shitty thing), but do you really think you earned that teabag?  You killed me while being pocketed by a Mercy - who was being pocketed by you!  Both of you were far harder to kill than the av-er-age bear.

Naw, man.  Naw, you did not earn that teabag.  You definitely earned a bit more prioritization for the rest of the match, though!  Ennnjoy!

2:20 - 2:30 :  Oh hiiii Zen.  Ohhh did you think that Soldier would save you?  Awww nooo he can't save you Zen.  Or himself.

2:30 - 2:36 : Oh hiiii Zen.

2:36 - 2:52 : At this point I'd like to give props to my brother, who solo-tanked this round.  Every time I returned to the point, he was there giving me cover.  Half the times I dove on a squishy, he was already there softening them up for me - and when it went into overtime, it was Chris's Self Destruct that cleared Genji (and more importantly, an ulting Mercy) off the point to end the match.

And that's pretty much it!  Check out what our Ana pulled off (I sent her a PSN message telling her how incredible she was), and enjoy what happened after that Roadhog hooked me earlier.

G'night everybody!

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