Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2017 is live, and...

...I'm pretty meh on it.  I really had my heart set on a Tracer skin.  

Here's the vid:

Here's the event page over on Blizz's site.

Here's the skins:

And those are all good skins!  Cultist Zenyatta, man, that's awesome and I love it, but... no new epics?  Symmetra got a Halloween epic last year, this year she gets an amazing legendary.  Reaper got an awesome legendary last year, and this year he gets another one.

My point is, why no Tracer skin?  I appreciate that Tracer has more legendaries than any other hero - it's true and I love and appreciate this - but you could at least give her like a little low-rent epic recolor of her base skin with like, white skin and black bags under her eyes or something!  I mean... something!

Elsewhere, there's one new highlight intro - for Roadhog, and it's very meh.  There's a hopping emote for Mei, and a "batter up" emote for Torbjorn which is basically Reinhardt's swing emote from last Halloween applied to Torb.  Annd that's it.

Oh, apparently the tombstone victory poses won't appear in loot boxes any more.  Instead, we get these new Pumpkin poses, which Blizz says shows more of the heroes' character.  Which is true.

And that's... something?


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