Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Evil Within 2's Red Band Launch Trailer.

Posted entirely for Chamberlain's benefit.

Hm.  Looks not-bad.  And it's been a while since I really got into a horror game... Let's check out Metacritic...

Metacritic says no one's reviewed it yet.  Eh, I'm in no rush.  Turns out Battle Chasers is very, very pleasurable to me.  I redeemed my Kickstarter digital copy and it... robbed me of a bunch of Overwatch time this past weekend.  So on Sunday I pulled up Amazon and nabbed a physical copy - it just showed up today!  Yay!  I didn't even need this, I just wanted it!


  1. If you are going to play a horror game this year it should be Resident Evil 7.