Monday, October 30, 2017

The Last of Us 2's PGW trailer is absolutely brutal.

It's just a cutscene - I really want to see gameplay - but at first, we had no idea it's a trailer for The Last of Us.  I was once again impressed that Sony had put triple-A funding into "a new IP" with a female lead, and quickly more than a bit horrified at the brutality of it.  Smashing that poor woman's arm with the hammer is just sickening, but nothing in The Last of Us or it's DLC...

...can compare to Ellie's sick pythons.

Like holy shit she is fucking Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2.  She is Ripley.  She's a fucking Action Hero and I love it.


  1. That's not Ellie, though. Current speculation is that it is Ellie's Mom.

    1. Prove to me that's not Ellie. I couldn't see the scar, it's true...


      Whup there it is. Bears a resemblance to Tess...