Friday, November 3, 2017

All the Overwatch news from day 1 of Blizzcon 2017.

Wooo there's some hot shit in here!  There's a new map - we'll get to that in a moment - but what's important is MOIRA.

Moira is a hybrid DPS/healer, but she's designed to take up the slot of a primary healer like Mercy or Ana.  She was created to satisfy two community requests - a new primary healer, and a character that added to Overwatch's lore.  Well, apparently it's not Mercy who turned Gabriel Reyes into Reaper - it was Moira, who was experimenting on Reyes long before the Overwatch organization fell.

Here's her origin story vid.

And here's her introduction vid...

Okay, so here's the deal.

Her left-click is a healing spray, like Mei's freeze spray, but streamers are saying it works on a resource that can only be built by dealing damage to foes.

Her right-click is a damage beam that locks on to foes similar to Symmetra's, though it doesn't seem to increase in damage over time, and the lock-on seems a lot less forgiving than Sym.

Her shift ability is a very fast short-range teleport - almost a blink, though not quite as fast - that she can use to gain height, and it renders her invincible for its (again, short) duration.

Her E ability is the orb.  How it works is you hit E, and then you hit either left-click or right-click.  If you left-click, it becomes the healing orb.  If you right, it's the damage orb, and you fling it out down your aiming reticle.  As it flies, it will heal nearby allies/damage nearby enemies, depending on which you've chosen, and it will bounce off walls or the ground - so if you throw it into a tight room it'll bounce around wrecking or healing everyone.  Very cool!

Her ult is a long channeled beam that both heals allies and damages enemies.

Very, very, very cool.  I'm super looking forward to checking her out.  She'll be on the PTR soon.

Elsewhere, new hybrid map (Eichenwald, Numbani) Blizzard World was announced.  Like Moira, it'll be on the PTR soon, but won't launch until early 2018.

Another beautiful, moving short was shown - about Rein, and his arrogant youth - and it has the Internet super excited about Torb's daughter.

Finally, they just had a panel where they showed off some Blizzard World / lore skins for eight heroes and these all look awesome!  Totally called it on the Mei skin!

Ecopoint Mei!

Young Rein!

Butcher Hog!  (Fans have been begging for this since launch.)

Barbarian Zarya!

Demonic Doomfist!

Nova Widowmaker!

Dwarf King Torb!

And... some kinda' Starcraft Orisa thing I guess!

And that's all she wrote byeeee!

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