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Overwatch Clip Show 50 - Move.


This is one of those clip shows that took way more work than you'd think - up there with Believer and Lone Digger.  The amount of footage I had from last week came to about 75GB, and going through all of it and cutting out the good bits resulted in two ShareFactory projects with (the program's maximum of) 50 clips each - which wouldn't do!

I eventually re-rendered both 50-clip projects as two 16-20 minute videos, then started a new project with just these "two" clips as a base, and went at 'em with a machete, hacking and cutting out a lot of stuff I really wish I could have included, and terrified that exporting a vid from ShareFactory (which produces a bit of compression artefacting), and then importing that vid back in to ShareFactory to be cut up, remixed and exported again would result in a video that's a blurry mess of compression artefacts (yes, I prefer that spelling - don't ask me why, I don't know why).

It isn't a blurry mess!  With the PS4 Pro, I can capture videos at 1080P instead of 720, and ShareFactory outputs at 1080 - so all things considered I'm pretty happy with this.

If you want to get straight to the action, skip ahead to 0:40.

0:00 - 0:15 : We begin with a brief fan dialogue skit, as Winston got himself an "ooh, scary!" voice line for Halloween, and it's up to Tracer to walk him through the intricacies of the phrase.  He picks it up pretty quick.

Clip Show 50 - Move from David Ferber on Vimeo.

Or on YouTube if you prefer.

0:15 - 0:49 : This is one of the all-time Tracer fantasies, to me.  To actually have it happen was... hang on I need to Google Image Search to find an appropriate image of the feelings it elicits...

Okay I'm having difficulty finding an image that is readable as Tracer's "O-face" without being too distasteful to post, so we'll go with the second-best thing:

Tracer peels to intercept a flanking Pharah, and Pharah boops Tracer out over the water on the back of Volskayas point A.  Tracer, undeterred, blinks towards the Pharah, finishes her in mid-air and rewinds back to safety.  Like a boss.

1:30 - 1:35 : The Hanzo and Orisa/Ulting Genji/Orisa Ult ended up givin' me PotG!... but the PotG fades out a few frames too quickly after the pulse bomb goes off, so I kept the match footage.

1:35 - 1:55 : Mercies and Hanzos and Widows, oh my!  The Hanzo who gets pulse bomb'd and melee killed is the same Hanzo, and both those clips are from one long duel between the two of us.  I dove their backline to stagger as they return to the point, and his Mercy starts pocketing him in the middle of our fight - so I blink in and stick him with the pulse bomb.

The Mercy immediately rezzes, but she abandons him to help their tanks, and it's round 2.  We dance around cover for a bit, taking potshots at each other and I decide to zip in and fight him at arm's length - at which point his Sombra hacks me - and I still get the pick on him with a melee, and get away.  Smexy.

The Widow who gets melee'd on Oasis was so much fun.  Every time we were away from the teamfight, we'd emote and wave at each other and go our separate ways - but when the fight was on, she was bodying me from fifty yards, I was taking huge flanks to get behind her - it was awesome.  Her Pharah picked me twice when I went for her, she never got me, and I got her three times.  Sent her a "good game" PSN message after the match with a thumbs up, and she wrote back "ily < 3."

Tracer and Widowmaker's Guide to Internet Etiquette : Vol 2.


1:55 - 2:22 : For some reason a lot of my best plays occur after my team gets completely bloody wiped by the reds.  After Symmetra rocks my team's world, I'm all alone behind enemy lines with a bead on the Widow and Ana.  I scratch up the Widow, I know she's gonna' go for the health pack so I move to intercept her - and that's where this clip begins.

I steal the health pack before she can take it, finish her off and dive on the Ana.

Anas are hard to kill, as a rule, between her kit and that tiny sliver of a hitbox - easier than Moira now, let me tell you - so getting the pick with two clips was pretty nice, and just quick enough that her Tracer, who to her credit came to help her healer in her time of need, can't do anything but watch me use rewind to put thirty yards between us, wave and zip away.

I am, now, in a very, very vulnerable state.  I have zero blinks, I just used my rewind, and more dangerous yet Tracer knows I just used my rewind.  I leap over the security gate for a modicum of cover as I head for the payload... but I'm not heading for the payload.

I'm watching my blink cooldown, and waiting for the amount of damage the Tracer puts out to feel like she's less than one blink away.  When that scratch comes, I blink backwards through her and she freaks right out when she realizes I'm already hitting her again and blows her rewind (I'd barely touched her).  We do the Tracer shuffle, and as we do I put my back to the small health pack to recover what she's taken off me, and walk backwards into it as the Widow (who's back now) starts trying to body me.

At this point, Tracer makes The Mistake - she comes right, straight for me, giving me the perfect opportunity to put a bead on her head.


Last night - this is unrelated to our clip show, for the record, but it's on the topic of dueling Tracers - I got into a very prolonged duel with a Tracer on Numbani.  We were both far in the back line with nobody to bother us.  She couldn't land anything on me, but I wasn't being aggressive enough - she rewound twice during the duel, because I never pounced on her and got in close range to seal the deal - and when she ran for the large health pack, she nabbed it just before my melee woulda' killed her.  Then she teabagged the shit outta' me.

Later, we're both at the payload with our teams and we both detour into a side room to sort out our shit.  I don't make the same mistake - I get right into her face, put a pair of barrels to it and one-clip her.

I don't teabag her.  I don't wave.  You aren't worth a wave, teabagger, and I am a fucking professional.

My brother tries to tell me that I should stop wearing the golden guns - that people will focus you and teabag you because you've got the gold gun - and maybe that's true, but... well, it remains.  Come at me, bro.


2:22 - 2:25 : I cut a ton of Mercy picks from this vid, but I had to keep this one.  I'm behind her and her team on main street, and Mercy feels me scratching her up, so she heads into the stairwell where Sombra and McCree will no doubt protect her.

They can't.  Then I get McCree, for the record ^.^

2:32 - 2:38 : My brother had just gone down as the round timer approached 10 seconds, and he'd given up the match - but you can accomplish a lot when the enemy team won't turn around and deal with you. We made it.


2:41 - 3:01 : And now, a bunch of Junkrat picks.  In my head, there were gonna' be a half-dozen of these in here, to establish that every time I hear "fire in the hole!", I will dive into the reds' backline, one-clip him and get out clean - and again, there's a lot I wish I could've kept.  The one on Lijiang led to a pulse bomb on their Lucio as half the team chased me around the side of the point, a team wipe and us taking the point, and I had a lot of nice ones where you'd hear the callout, I'd blink in there, get the pick and one of my teammates would do the thank emote - it was cool!

The airborne pick is after a longer set-up - I walk into his trap in the mega health pack room, grab the health pack and zip past him as he comes in to kill me, he comes out to wreck me and gets a mine boop on me - but that makes it harder for him to hit me as I soar through the air, and he's still easy pickings.

I was actually really conflicted over whether or not I should use the melee kill shown here or one on King's Row, but, y'know, it works.


3:01 - 3:18 : works, and what's important is that when I come around the corner on Volskaya and see the Junkrat with his hands over his ears, you know exactly what I'm gonna' do next.  The fact that it ended up being a PotG was a real surprise.

The Oasis PotG is here, basically, because of the D.Va pick.  (I love that trick, and I'm always waiting to do it - a thrown pulse bomb can result in absolutely nothing so often that anything that gives you guaranteed value out of it is absolutely worth it.)  When I planned out this vid, it always ended with a bunch of tank picks - I literally have like a dozen Rein and D.Va pulse bomb kills just waiting in the wings - and this PotG was kind of the introduction to those.  Also it's always fun killing a Hanzo.


3:27 - 3:31 : Oh-hohohoh jumping over a Rein, sticking him from above with the pulse bomb, blinking outta' there and not looking back as he goes boom = max good feels.

3:34 - 3:39 : Okay, maybe it's a close second to meleeing one to death.

3:39 - 3:41 : I wish I'd been able to include the approach on this one - I was on the high ground in the middle of the point, blinked up over the Mercy, landed beside her and landed the stick.  It was lovely.

3:41 - 3:48 : So last night, I've got the Moira patch/Mercy nerf installed, and I spend about a half-hour getting comfy with Moira in the target range.  I'm pretty hyped to check her out!  But in my first game, we already have a Moira, so I go Mercy.

I quickly switch to Tracer, and decide I'll just play Tracer when I can't Moira.

I don't get to play Moira all night, but I did have some excellent Tracer fun, including this absolutely fucking glorious pulse bomb at the end of a King's Row match.  Plus the wave, plus the voice line.  Perfection.

3:49 - 4:18 : And our traditional post-vid skirmish shenanigans scene.  I'm just tryin' to dance and emote with your team, Lucio!  Why are you so angry?

And that's our show!

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