Thursday, December 21, 2017

Game Diary

I've been tinkering.

I haven't touched my Switch all week.  It feels like... a flirtation that may have led to an actual relationship, but neither of us are actually all that interested in each other.  We don't share enough interests.  I'd still like to pluck around in Enter the Gungeon, but it really doesn't bother me that I only beat two out of four Guardians in Zelda

I'm curious about a fast-paced action-indie on there I saw called Mr. Shifty, but I fear it will disappoint in the same way Serial Cleaner did.  Really, I should be snuffling my way through The Flame in the Flood, as that has been uniformly enjoyable and punishing. 

What I've been doing - weirdly - is playing a bit of Overwatch over the course of the week.  The fact that I'm playing Overwatch isn't weird, obviously - but the fact that I'm putting an hour or so into it on weeknights is very unusual. 

It all started with a tutorial vid I watched from a Grandmaster Tracer on PS4.  The part that struck me were his settings - he had his controller sensitivity at 100 vertical, 100 horizontal, with an aim smoothing of 80. 

Pretty much all year, my settings have been 76/76, with a smoothing of 98.  I took a screenshot of my settings, changed it to his, and went into the practice range.  It was phenomenal.  I was able to kick the holy shit out of those target bots, and thought "this might work."

Artist's name is 'Na In Sung" and that's all I got.

But I didn't want to go into a QP game and embarrass myself, so I did some free-for-all deathmatches, and soon found myself getting top-four.  I was pulling off insane shit I knew I never could have before, but I wasn't consistent.  My reticle is now so sensitive that I'm constantly over-correcting and way overshooting my targets, but I'm also able to twist 180 and 90 degrees in the blink of an eye. 

I decided to take it in to quickplay. 

It didn't go as well.  Again, once or thrice a game I would pull off something incredible that I know I couldn't have with my old settings, but I could also count multiple examples of kills I knew I woulda' scored if I hadn't wildly swung my reticle past my targets.  I had a fun Hollywood defense (5 DPS and a Lucio) against a reasonable comp.  We lost brutally, but I had a ton of fun duelling the enemy Widow (of course).

Our McCree got on voice chat after the loss, bragged about his medals and called us all pieces of shit.  I told him he wasn't a very gracious loser, and our teammates didn't deserve that, and he explained that I am merely a bitch and a n*****, and also a faggot and a pussy for only getting on mic at the end of the round (like he did) and not making callouts all game (like he didn't). 

Which put me in a bad mood, so when I went into my next game and discovered 4 DPS preparing to defend Volskaya with no healers, I went Soldier and accepted that another loss was coming.  We held point B, I got all the medals and a sweet four-kill Play of the Game in that hideous new Winter Wonderland skin Soldier's got, and I thought... okay, maybe these setting are okay.  Maybe I can translate the success I just had on Soldier to Tracer...

But last night, I didn't play.  Last night I played the "let's make a video" game that I enjoy so much, and I was trying to find footage of my Tracer using the new settings.  The thing is, I'd saved like three games - the one against the Widow, and the deathmatches.  I hadn't done well enough in any other match to merit hitting the share button. 


And now I'm at a bit of a loss on what to do next.  Should I just change my settings back to where they were?  Should I turn what I've got down a bit? 

I miss being confident in my Tracer. 

Should I consider that Soldier might be the inroad I need to master these potentially-incredibly-powerful settings, play him a bit and then try Tracer?  I'm going in to a week of holidays and I don't want to spend half of it adjusting - I want to get into Overwatch, rock some socks and have a ball. 

What to do, what to do...



  1. Switch: Wanna meet up? Drinks or sumthin?

    Chance: It's pretty cold out...

    Switch ...yeah good point.

    1. We actually had a major cold snap going on yesterday, so I think the Switch can appreciate that crossing the five feet from here to the drawer that it's in... well, it's just unsafe!