Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Every Wednesday, I get home from work and sit down to type out any big (or interesting... or funny) gaming news, for use in that podcast I do with this American guy and this other, equally-American guy.

But this week... there is no podcast to be had.  Chamberlain is off doing Chamberlain stuff, like flying to Hawaii for a destination wedding at Christmas, and complaining about Star Wars - and Alex and I refuse to do the podcast without the titular hero.  But last week I promised if you want the news to hit up this blog, and though I am a liar about a great many things, that was the truth.  So strap in, motherfucker, 'cause here it comes.

Oh, by the way.

I saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  It's fucking awesome.  Go see it.  The only downside is Finn's arc (which is thematically important) is boring as crap, but everything with Rey and Kylo and Laura Dern is fucking spectacular, and I honestly can't remember the last time a special effects sequence actually thrilled me to my core the way this movie's did.  I'm dying to see it again.

In Overwatch News...

  • Blizzard is going to "fix" Hanzo's Casual skin by changing his hair color from partly-gray to entirely-black, responding to fan backlash. 
  • A Nendoroid D.Va figure is now available for preorder!

Weird Indie Dandara Will Land On The Switch in February
I guess it was originally designed as a touchscreen game?  Apparently it's a Metroidvania, and those are sexy to me, as a rule. 

The Escapists 2 Will Launch on Switch in January
I've been hearing about The Escapists for years, let's see what Metacritic has to say... Hm.  74.  Well, turn me loose.

Dragon Quest Builders Launched February 9th on Switch
Nuff said.

We'll See The First Gameplay of Valkyria Chronicles 4 on December 27th
Fortunately nothing else is going on next week, so that shouldn't get overshadowed.

Atlus USA Has Announced The Battle-Hardened Edition of Dragon's Crown Pro
for North America!  It's basically just a steelbook and "7 collectible cards," so... yay?  (As if I'm not going to buy it.)  It's not really a special edition, either - just buy the game physically at launch, and the Battle-Hardened edition is what you get.

Oooh Noclip Made A Horizon: Zero Dawn Making-Of Documentary
I really should make time to watch this:

Crazy/Awesome Sex Thriller/Puzzle Platformer Catherine is Coming to PS4 and Vita
It's called Catherine: Full Body, and it will include new endings, online multiplayer and a new lady in the form of Rin - a piano player at the bar where the boys hang out, and perhaps another temptation for the leading man.

I will be shocked and amazed if the Vita version comes west.  Which reminds me, Atlus still hasn't confirmed 13 Sentinels' Vita version for localization.

Atmospheric Indie Inside is now available on iPhones and iPads
But not the Vita!

Celebrated Indie Cuphead Briefly Appeared on the iOS App Store This Week For $5
It was a cheaply-ported, unauthorized piracy of the game, and was quickly removed by Apple.  Folks who checked it out said it was almost unplayable.

Legendary RPG Dev Obsidian Entertainment Will Publish Their Next RPG Through Take-Two's New Label, Private Division
It's being led by Fallout co-creators Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, and while we know very little about it, they have assured us it will not feature microtransactions.

Annnd wow... those are actually all the headlines I noted this week.  Umm... anything else?  Hmm...

Yeah I guess that's it.  Here's a sexy Meihem drawing.


That's hot.

And here's a romantic Torbanzo pic, which I didn't know was a thing until I was doing my daily Overwatch fan art browse yesterday:


I... have to believe someone feels that, too, is hot.  I feel it's adorable and pretty hilarious how well Hanzo translates to Prince Eric, and how Ariel-Torb is instantly recognizable as both Ariel and Torb.'s kind of inspired, honestly. 

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