Saturday, December 9, 2017

Last Night, At 10:00 PM Central, The PSX Opening Presentation Started.

And then, nothing happened for two hours.  A WipEout game is coming to PSVR.  MediEvil is getting a 4K up-port.  BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is coming west in 2018.

It was pretty much Cory Barlog and Shawn Layden and Siobhan Reddy from Media Molecule, and then they brought out (siiiigh) David Cage and did a playthrough of a scene from upcoming terrible game that people will buy, Detroit: Become Human, and Mark Cerny and Andrew House were there too.  All these PlayStation luminaries just chillin' on couches, chatting.

Pretty much saying nothing.  Showing nothing.  Announcing nothing.  For two hours.

Just chilling out on couches.  Barlog said that God of War will take 25-35 hours to complete, so that's newsworthy.

The two-hour waste of my evening ended with the same 8-minute trailer for Death Stranding we saw at The Game Awards the night before, and then an actually-pretty-interesting little chat between Hideo Kojima, Andrew House and Mark Cerny, who offered the biggest news of the night - Death Stranding is in a playable state.

After showing said 8-minute trailer, Cerny said it start making sense "after you've played the game for four or five hours."  What was nice, during the Kojima sequence, is that it was almost-all a bunch of personal anecdotes between House and Kojima.  Coming as no surprise to people who follow Kojima on Twitter, almost all of Kojima's stories start with "well, I was getting food with Mark," or "while going for lunch with Andy..." and it was... cute.

One of the stories he told was that before he had even signed any deals, he was trying to find an engine for what would become Death Stranding, and he had a meeting and presentation with Guerrilla Games (Horizon: Zero Dawn).  At the end of the meeting, they gave him a wooden box, and left.  Inside the box was the complete source code for Horizon's Decima Engine - given freely, no contracts, no strings attached - and Kojima said he was almost moved to tears by the gesture.

And that's PSX.  I spent two hours last night not playing Overwatch and not working on the next clip show to learn that God of War will take a while to beat and Death Stranding has 4-5 playable hours.

To err is human. (Sigh) I'd be posting the next clip show right now if I hadn't wasted my time on this bullshit... (grumblegrumble)...

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