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Overwatch Clip Show 51 - In Like The Rose

I love this one, but I can't find a source!  Reverse image lookup was no help at all!

This week's show is largely about an enemy going by SimplyLemons, whose settings ensure I can't send them a message thanking them for these games - more on Lemons later - and it's also about me kind of trolling the enemy team. 

We begin with a short Bastion bit that I just thought was funny.   Oh, I should warn you, this is a long one. 

0:00 - 0:11 : "Waugh!"  That's funny, to me.

0:12 - 1:05 : When Overwatch was first released and tutorials for all the characters were springin' up on the 'net, more often than not, the advice you'd find for Tracer was to do exactly what I'm doing here.  Don't help your team directly, don't fight on the point.  Instead, get yourself behind the enemy team - between their spawn and your team - and just start fuckin' with them.  Make them chase you around - they'll never catch you - and give your team a numbers advantage in the fight that matters.

There are some good reasons for this - giving your team that advantage is a help, and it can be very dangerous for you to put yourself on or around the point, where Junkrat, Pharah, Hog and Soldier spam can accidentally delete you in the blink of an eye, but nowadays that's kind of an archaic strategy - or that's what I believe, at least.  There are a lot of problems on the point that you could be helping your team with - specifically, accurately targeting the enemy supports, peeling to deal with flankers who're trying to jump your supports and pouring damage into their tanks - but there are times when it's still an effective tactic.  This is one of those times. 

My team is losing the match.  We got the point for a bit (30%), but the reds shove us off and hold it up to 70% before we take it back.  As soon as the point dings blue, I shoot towards the reds' spawn, blink through their lines, waving and piping "ooh, scary!"  Tracer zips past without even seeing me.  Zarya and Hog pretty much ignore me.  Mei sticks around and tries to get an angle on me, but I'm too fast, she gives up after two attempts to corner me and heads to the point.

Soldier and Hanzo, though, they're comin' for me - and this is fairly prudent, actually.  They've got the numbers advantage against me, they can see I've burned most of my cooldowns - there's no reason to think they won't be able to deal with me. 

Surprise, surprise.

Overall I'm pretty proud of this, for multiple reasons. 

One - I fought a Hanzo and a Soldier 2 Vs. 1, and won.  This wasn't a sneaky gank on my part where one or both of them didn't know I was coming - they were coming for me - and I won.

Two - I fought a Hanzo and a Soldier, going in to the fight with one blink, and won.

Three - I landed a stuck Pulse Bomb on a moving Hanzo!  That's hard!

Four - When Hanzo is miraculously bubbled by his Zarya just in time to save him from the Pulse Bomb, I kept my cool and kicked his ass the old fashioned way. 

Oh man. 

And five... this week, I went back and watched Clip Show 15 - Tracer.  Put up two or three months after I bought Overwatch - long before I started adding music to my vids and spending a lot of time cutting 'em up, I think it's my first video with any large amount of Tracer action - I played mostly Mercy, when I started.  It includes my first Tracer Play of the Game - a pathetic little thing where I kill a Zen with his back to me and then a Hanzo with his back to me.  I completely fail to kill baby D.Vas, I get my ass kicked by a Reaper - it's pretty embarrassing, to watch it now. 

It's also like... looking at a picture of me, when I was small enough to curl up on a couch cushion.  I remember being that small and weak, and I never imagined I'd be able to do what I can, now.

Practice has not yet made perfect, but it's made a helluva difference.  For example...


1:05 - 1:48 : The right flank coming out on Route 66 attack, I've found, is the best bet for a Tracer.  Going down main or up the left flank (the train car that forms a tunnel going up the slope) is either risky or a death sentence, depending on the enemy's setup.  A Bastion, Junkrat, Soldier, Pharah or Widow love it when you come straight at 'em like that in an enclose space, and often, I find, the right flank, along the top of the cliff, is poorly guarded. 

A lot of the work done here is on the back of my team's Genji, who does an excellent job of getting killing blows and puts a ton of damage into the D.Va before I move on her.  Personal highlights - oh my God that Widow pick was smooth as silk, and the D.Va Pulse Bomb trick never gets old. 

An excellent first teamfight. 

1:48 - 2:00 : Another perfect, smooth-as-silk pick on the Widow, and the killing blows on the Hanzo and Zen.  That poor Widow, man.  I get her a buncha' times, but that's for a Widow vid I'm cookin' up in my head.  I got a Pulse Bomb stick on her, actually, but...

2:00 - 2:04 : ...sticking it to a McCree in the middle of a Zen ult is funnier.

2:05 - 2:25 : With this final pick, the Widow quits the game and my team and I clean up the point.  Moira's hitbox is so tiny and she has so much survivability that killing her always feels pretty badass.  For the record, we do get the Pharah (I got like 86% of her), but I wanted the cut to the next map to come at the cymbal crash.

2:25 - 2:58 : Ladies and gentlemen, meet SimplyLemons.  An inauspicious introduction, but Lemons is the Tracer who dies to our Orisa at the start of this clip.  When we first met, they were practicing their Widow.  Then they switched to Hanzo.  Then they pulled out their Gold Gun McCree, and I tore through all of the above like tissue paper.

Then, after a 17-killstreak on Junkertown attack, Lemons pulls out their Gold Gun Tracer, and the payload screeches to a halt.  My job becomes quite a bit harder, because Lemons is now far more dangerous than anything else I'd faced in the match so far, and my team was completely unprepared to deal with her.  So yes, I'd go in and wreck two-thirds of the enemy team, but by the time I'd turned around I'd discovered Lemons had done the same to mine, and was comin' for me. 

They stayed on the opposing team for the Lijiang matches that follow the Junkertown footage, and while I got the cards and the PotGs and the medals, they got the wins, and that's more important. 

But anyway, I still manage to be very productive.  For example, here we get...

  1. A perfect pick on the Reaper. 
  2. Killing blow and half of the Moira. 
  3. Killing blow and half of the Roadhog. 
  4. A pulse bomb on a flying, Valkyrie-ing Mercy!
  5. A sweet Tracer-on-Tracer duel with Lemons while the enemy Reaper destroys my team behind me. 
The duel with Lemons is just as delicious as the Mercy stick, to me, because while Lemons burns all her cooldowns and still can't get the pick, I only used two blinks and good positioning.  Very nice. 

Oh, and
      6. Killing blow and half of the Reaper.  

Thirty seconds and six reds.  Nice. This is, to me, the centerpiece of this vid. 

Artist's name is "Gula Yuki."

2:58 - 3:09 : This isn't the first meeting with Lemons, but it's close - he and the Hanzo stayed on snipers for most of this match - and this is a gorgeous pair of sniper picks.  One clip into each, just like in the target range.

3:09 - 3:34 : One of my favorite parts of this clip is cut.  The Mercy is right there as I sneak up on the Bastion - I ignore her and walk past her right up to his crit block - and instead of helping Bastion or shooting at me, she just NOPEs the fuck outta' there.  (I'd put some scares into her earlier in the match). 

Bastion, to his credit, gets out of turret form as soon as the damage starts coming in.  To his credit, a single direct-hit shell from him in tank mode will one-shot me - he's just gotta' land it.  (He didn't.)

And then, a fine illustration of why the Mercy's scared of me and a gorgeous clip of body blows into the Moira.

3:34 - 4:06 : A cheeky Tracer dancing on the payload!  I'd thought this was the end of the match, and decided to go out dancin' - I was wrong, the fight was still on.  Lemons thinks this is her chance to take me out of the fight and lobs a Pulse Bomb my way - whup! - so I blink outta' there, my team floods around me to get on the payload and I get back to work, which prudence dictates begins with the Mercy. 

I get on the mic and start asking my brother to help as she flits around the point, doing a great job of staying alive, but the angles I get her at end up being too perfect, and it finally takes two clips at midrange to take her down.  The PotG begins the moment after the killing blow happens - the kill is still on my screen, but the red skull doesn't pop. 

Two breezy clips into Hanzo - beautiful - and a nice long-range stick on the Hog for a double with that poor Reaper (the Reaper was also the Bastion).  My health's so low I have to rewind to get it back, and by then I can't get on the point, the overtime timer tics out and that's it - defeat.

4:06 - 4:19 : A bee-yootiful pick on the Mercy, and a nice dance with the Genji who tries to avenge her.

4:19 - 4:33 : And yet, this is not what makes Lemons pull of their Tracer to deal with me.  It's not often I'm able to stick a Hanzo - they're a lot more mobile when shooting than a Widow.

4:33 - 4:44 : Oh Lemons.  That musta' stung.  You're on a character that hard-counters me, you've got a Moira at your back and you get a Pulse Bomb slapped to your chest. 

The incomparable Monori Rogue

4:44 - 4:45 : A nice if humble PotG on Lijiang - still against Lemons and Co.  More than getting killed by a hero you counter, I know how bad it stings when the enemy Tracer gets PotG while you're playing Tracer, Lemons!  I know how bad that stings!

5:02 - 5:28 : Okay, so let's count it off.

  1. The Pulse Bomb kills Pharah. 
  2. The Pulse Bomb kills D.Va.
  3. The killing blow and half of Reinhardt. 
  4. 40% of the Lucio. 
  5. The killing blow and 10% of Moira. 
  6. The killing blow and 70% of McCree. 
Fuck.  Yes.  

5:33 - 5:54 : C'mon, that's hilarious.

G'night everybody ^.^

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