Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Overwatch Clip Show 52 - I Second That Emotion.

But first, some news.  The Winter Wonderland event is now live, and I am hella disappointedNo beautiful/sexy Christmas skin for Mercy, no apology for Tracer getting nothing in the Summer Games and Halloween events, no epic-level skins for anyone.  I'm super disappointed.  Here's the deets.  Junkrat got a beachwear skin, Sombra got a... frankly kind of lovely ice-lady skin, Ana got a crazy snow owl skin and that's basically all the good shit.   

Also, in the patch that contains the event, there's a bunch of Doomfist bug fixes and an option to mark all "new" items in your cosmetics as already seen.  Which is... nice.  

Oh also the patch has further-fucked Rein's Earthshatter, and apparently there's a bug on Numbani in which the attackers just can't move the payload, even when clear of the enemy team.  Nice job Blizz!



Last week, I had a game where I was playin' Mei on Route 66 defense (I said in the podcast that it was Mercy, but rewatching the footage, no, it was Mei), and this Reinhardt is just kicking the crap out of me left and right.  Somewhere around point B, I switch to Tracer and absolutely rock this Rein's world, to the point that he solo-ults me and charges my ass through a wall. 

I adore games where you end up in a rivalry with someone on the other team - someone whose death your prioritize above all others, because you know you can't get any work in until they're out of the picture - and once you've made proper introductions, they start doing the same to you. 

When this occurs it is, win or lose, peak Overwatch fun, for me.  We end up waving to each other - sometimes we'll call short truces when we bump into each other away from the teamfight - I love those.  Sometimes it's a McCree or a Hanzo, sometimes it's a Winston or Hog or Rein, but for some reason like 90 per cent of the time... it's a Widowmaker.  This vid is a tribute to them. 

Clip Show 52 - I Second That Emotion from David Ferber on Vimeo.

Also on YouTube, if you prefer (Vimeo has better compression).

0:23 - 0:50 : Kyltaii is the second-most dangerous Widow in this video, and one of two I strongly believe was using a mouse, so sneaking up on them while she ends up doing a Play-of-the-Game-making series of executions on my team and dropping the bomb (and scoring her pocket Mercy) felt absolutely delicious. 

0:50 - 1:03 : This was a hard-losin' game (we got steamrolled almost the entire way), but that would always come to a halt when Kyltaii went down, so of course I'm gonna' dive her every time I see her without a Mercy attached (and sometimes, with the Mercy attached).  This may look like a drawn-out flailing, but it's actually me pretty much playing at my best against a much, much better foe. 

Very proud. 

1:03 - 1:09 : ToxicNights is one of my personal favorites.  She also appeared in Clip Show 50 - Move at around 1:53 - our first meeting was a semi-long duel ending in that melee kill - and afterwards we paid each other a lot of attention.  She would take shots at me from 70 yards out, making every approach a long, meandering affair to get behind her - but whenever we ran in to each other in one of these side rooms, and the team fight is happening far away, we'd stop and be nice to each other. 

Because niceness is good!


1:13 - 1:23 : Obey_Oxxside is, far and away, the most dangerous Widow in this video, and probably the most incredible Widow I've ever fought.  I only got two picks on her - this Pulse Bomb, and at the very end of the match (we won) when Genji and I chased her away from the point and I dove on her for a killing blow.

Outside of that, she pulled insane shit.  Like I was once sneaking up on her from behind, I was like fifteen yards away, and she turned around in a tenth of a second and instantly put one through my skull.  Like just whipped around and pop headshot in less time than it takes to blink.  I've seen like three snap shots like that in my entire Overwatch career. 

...so, yes.  Worth it. 

1:23 - 1:26 : ToxicNights gets shoved back by a Hog ult, and I zip right into her face for the killing blow.

1:26 - 1:30 : WavySunflower was having an off day, I choose to believe.  She never killed me, but I got her no less than 6 times (you can see two in the opening of Clip Show 51 - In Like The Rose). She also received a personal Pulse Bomb, and you might notice that after that last kill in In Like The Rose, she quits the game. 

Never sent her a message, but it was a fun-ass game. 


1:30 - 1:40 : Kyltaii has no time for my bullshit. 

1:40 - 1:45 : xBADxWARx dominated my team, but I'm pleased to say this is one of only two picks she got on me (the other was when I shoulda' waited for my rewind at the end of round 3, but in fairness it was a good shot).  She really, really didn't like what I did to her...

1:45 - 1:48 : ...right here, earlier in the round.  That's a clean pick. 

1:48 - 1:54 : Hahahah.

1:54 - 2:00 : ...if you want the world to know, we won't let hatred grow... 

2:00 - 2:04 : Hahahahah.

2:04 - 2:13 : ...put a little love in your heart... 

2:13 - 2:25 : Hahahahahahah she did not see that shit comin'!  ...she'd gotten too many picks on my team, so I had to do a major flank to shut her down for the next teamfight. 


2:25 - 2:36 : Another duel with the indominable Kyltaii, this one ending with a sweet melee kill (after I totally whiffed my Pulse Bomb on her, but that was my mistake for throwing it at a Widow who knew I was there).  Then I came back and killed the Hanzo.  Then they rolled the payload to the point like we were standin' still, and we lost.

2:36 - 2:49 : I was waiting in the corner for xBADxWARx to come by for a good fifteen seconds before she appeared, walked right up to me, right past me, and proceeded out to the point.  After the teabag at the end of the first round, I feel, she really earned this.

Yup.  That's what happens, xBADxWARx.  That's what happens when you teabag me. 

2:49 - 3:04 : ToxicNights had just used her ult, so I start emoting to give her a show, and she swings by to say hi.  Then my Roadhog instantly hooks and kills her - which made me feel more than a little guilty. 

Ily2, ToxicNights.  Ily2.

3:05 - 3:10 : She earned it. 

And that's our show!  G'night everybody!

miraongchua's DeviantArt page has been shut down, but this might be them on Tumblr..?

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