Friday, December 22, 2017

Overwatch Long Cut 15 - Darling Let Me Know

80/80 with a smoothing of 95.  That's what the answer to yesterday's conundrum was.  I ended up playing against some people in fucking diamond last night, and at first I was like "wow, this Mei is really good."  So, obviously, I kept on throwing myself against them and failing, and they kept teabagging me, and they actually went so far as to send me a vulgar PSN message between rounds - but I learned my lesson the other day.  I didn't respond, I just reported them and moved on.  ...but my aim was feeling a lot better...

I ended up in a Gibraltar attack against a six-stack which we actually ended up winning, though their Soldier was excellent.  On the next round I was defending against the same six stack, and a guy got on mic and I warned him what we were in for.  Then a girl piped up and we started chatting - we lost, but we had a good time - and I am performing again.  I'm rackin' up all the golds, I'm dying like 1-3 times per match.  I am back.

The girl ends up being a boy whose voice hasn't broken yet, and he seems astounded by my niceness, and seizes upon the eventual reveal of my Canadianness as the secret of my good nature - which made me feel a lot better after Mei The Asshole.  The kid plays a sick Widow, but has a lot of hours on Mercy too.

Then I end up in an Anubis attack with a Master-SR Mei who always lays the perfect wall, and I end up doing an Ilios match with him on D.Va and he blows my elims out of the water, but he says my Tracer is real good and better than gold and my Friends list is 3 names longer this morning.

So it was a good night, and I'm thrilled it's Friday and I can actually put some time in tonight - but once again, my capture gallery has gotten out of hand, so today when I got home from work I went and found a clip I'd meant to include in the next Clip Show and decided screw it, this is a Long Cut.

G'night errybody!