Monday, January 22, 2018

And the final cosmetic reveals for Overwatch are...

My internet's down, so this post is being constructed entirely on my phone - apologies for any weirdness that produces.

Okay, so first off, Black Cat D.Va - the gothic neko that will launch a thousand fan arts:

I'm a little disappointed, to be honest.

Much like D.Va's Palanquin skin from last year's Lunar New Year event, D.Va herself looks fabulous, while her MEKA - the thing she exists as for 90% of her time in-game - has been barely altered from its vanilla form.  Unlike Officer D.Va, Cruiser or Scavenger, which give the mech a whole overhaul, the only difference in the geometry here are the cat ears (!!!), and the MEKA has a tail.  Oh, also, note the "LUNA" sticker on the black cat mech - D.Va fan of Sailor Moon confirmed.

Both of those are cool, but I don't think this much-hyped skin will replace Cruiser as D.Va's best, Daddio.

Second, four excellent new highlight intros for Winston, Soldier, Bastion and Ana.  

Terribly jealous of these.  I'd happily trade Tracer's Lion Dance and Hurdles highlight intros for one of this quality.

Blizzworld and all the new cosmetics are scheduled to go live tomorrow - here's hopin I have a bloody internet connection by then >.<

Oh, wait, one more thing.

Fifty-seven and twooooooooooooarglbarglabababalooooowooohoohooo..!

Insane.  Absolutely insane.


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