Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Long Cut 16 - Unbelievable (I'll Have What She's Having)

It's a fine Hanamura defense, things are goin' well, I'm just flowin' around, a Pulse Bomb for Pharah here, a clip for Doomfist there - things are good! So when I go after this McCree in a tight space, I'm fairly confident and... if I'd've been able to finish that clip on him, I like to think I'd've killed him - but he didn't give me the one second it takes Tracer to empty her guns.

I've been on the receiving end of a lot of solo ults lately, and this one felt absolutely goddamned incredible. You wanna' see who's the fastest, McCree? Draw! Also how many health packs am I gonna' need? All them health packs nom nom nom! That McCree went on to switch to Doomfist and score PotG! He was badaaaass.


Oh also, check for an update - the Overwatch League skins and a new patch are now live!  I still haven't looked at the skins, but after the-first-one-is-free that they give you, each skin for each character is five dollars each.  Apparently it'll cost like $1,200 if you want to buy every skin for every hero lawls

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