Thursday, January 25, 2018

Some awesome indie news happened, today.

First of all, Tribute Games.  I have been waiting for Mercenary Kings to land on Vita, as promised, for years, now.  Like literal years.  I've been hoping (and harassing Tribute Games about it) since 2013.  Tribute's last word, prior to this, was an announcement that the game would launch on Vita and Xbox One in fall 2016.  That didn't happen, for the record.

They announced the Reloaded Edition not too long ago, noting that it was "coming soon" and would arrive on Vita and Xbox One.  Well, today - finally.


Fiiinally, we have a release date.  February 6th, 2018.  Like, two weeks away!

Limited Run Games are gonna' publish it physically on PS4, Vita and SwitchThat's a new announcement.... I think?

Also from Tribute, last year's critically-acclaimed Roguelite platformer Flinthook (which I felt suffered from a shitty control scheme) is coming to the Switch.  It'll also get a physical release from Limited Run, but it doesn't have a release window yet.  I'm curious if it'll control better on the thing, but when has anything controlled better on the Switch? 

Finally... I'm pretty happy about this one.

Described as Castlevania meets Dark Souls, if you pay attention to the gamer press, you've likely heard nothing but awesome things about Dead Cells since its Early Access launch last May.  Today it was announced that the celebrated indie will come to PS4, Xbox One and Switch "later this year."

The port is being handled entirely by the game's dev team, in-house, and they said they're going to hire some more people to get in done.  That sounds pretty ambitious, to me, but still - 2D Castlevania Dark Souls yeeeeah please and thank you.

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