Saturday, January 20, 2018

This is my shocked face.


...because Tracer is actually getting a new cosmetic with the Blizzworld patch on the 23rd!  It's not... all that great.  But it's better than nothing, which is what I was expecting.  Jeff Kaplan had said the Blizzworld cosmetics update would include a ton of new legendary skins and other cosmetics (highlight intros, et cetera), in order to balance out the heroes who haven't received much with those who have.  Like, Bastion's never gotten a new highlight intro.  Ever.

Tracer is definitely one who's received a lot.  She got two (pretty bad) new highlight intros with Lion Dance from the Lunar New Year Event in 2017, and Hurdles from the Summer Games event in 2016.  She got a new legendary skin from the Uprising event in 2017 (Cadet Oxton), two variants from the 2016 Summer Games (Track & Field and Sprinter), one from the 2016 Winter Wonderland (Jingle), an Epic-quality from the Lunar New Year event last year (Rose) and of course - her best skin, bar none - Graffiti from 2017's Anniversary event, along with a new emote.

If the Blizzworld patch is to balance out the haves and the have nots, Tracer's in line to get nothin' - which is why this comes as a pleasant surprise.

Yesterday, Blizz announced five new emotes coming to the game.  The one that's got most people hyped is Sombra's, which (much like Sombra's Shuffle dance, which is a direct reference to a Sombra cosplayer's dance at a con) reflects how Sombra is often shown in Overwatch fan comics - as loving to mess with Reaper.

Here's the emote:

Very cute.  Naturally, there are already comics.



But, anyway, Tracer actually gets something too, and it's not bad!

Nice.  I'm not sure what I want to replace with it, though.  You can only have 4 emotes in your emote dial, and I can't get rid of Sit or Dance - obviously.  I can't get rid of Laugh - and that only leaves the Cheer emote, which I'm quite fond of lately as it seems the ideal thing to do after you wipe a team.  

So it's nice!  It's nice.  But I... might not actually use it for more than a week.  Elsewhere, Genji will be getting a new emote - so will Moira - and as an apology for the hellacious nerf that's coming her way, Mercy gets this little consolation prize: 


But anyway - remember how Blizz showed off some new sprays that suggested new, heretofore un-teased skins?  Well, today they give us... Sexy Lucio!

The Capoeira skin - again, henceforth known as Sexy Lucio - recalls one of his original concept designs that fans have been drooling over since it was shown.

It also has the additional perk of celebrating Lucio's Brazilian heritage - something a lot of folks felt was being problematically ignored with last year's Jazz skin.  

We're still waiting on what Hanzo and D.Va's teased skins will actually look like in-game.  Fingers crossed for a MEKA with giant kitty ears and whiskers. 



  1. I'll start playing again when Bastion gets a sexy costume.

    1. First of all, no you won't.


    2. He just needs a Saints Row style accessory.

    3. You've seen the big weapon Bastion swings around in turret mode. I'd say he's already got one ;)