Monday, January 15, 2018

Tracer hit with massive, undocumented nerf in latest patch.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a drill.  The most recent patch - the patch that brought in Overwatch League skins and items, and some quality-of-life improvements for Zenyatta and Ana - has proven to be a crippling blow to an incredibly important aspect of the game's cover hero. 

Tracer has been horrifically kneecapped. 

I am, of course, talking about her (unique) ability to use Blink while in the middle of an emote animation.  Use the Sit emote on a point, start taking it, and then Blink behind cover when the reds show up!  Wait until the enemy Widowmaker uses her ult and is able to see you through walls, and start dancing the Charleston!  Use Blink to dodge when she takes aim at you!

Make friends!  Make enemies!  Enrage the enemy team with your cheerful evasion of what should have been an easy headshot! 

...gone.  Lost, in time.  Like the original release of the Star Wars trilogy, these joys will never be experienced in their original form again.  Now, if you want to back-cap, you'll be obliged to just stand there like a chump instead of using your sit emote. 

The change feels like I've been chained.  I've been rolled up in a fucking carpet, my arms and legs cinched down to keep me passive and pliant.  Now when I emote, I'm locked in to the animation as if I were a Sombra!  Da noive ah deez people!

The fact that this massive and brutal nerf comes without so much as a mention in the latest patch notes makes it doubly hateful, triply egregious.  The ability to start dancing on the point and blinking to safety, rubbing my good humor in the noses of the enemy team, is central to my playstyle and Tracer's character as a whole!

For shame, Blizzard.  For shame

Artist's name is "yajuu5".

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