Thursday, January 18, 2018

Variety post! But also Overwatch!

Blizz tweeted out some cute new sprays coming with the new map (Blizzworld) and skins on January 23rd.  Eagle-eyed netizens noted that some of the sprays showed off Pharah, Lucio, Hanzo and D.Va in costumes that have not, previously, been revealed, teasing that some additional skins could be on their way.  Well, today Blizz showed this:

All but confirming that the rest are on their way.  I like Hanzo and Genji's (Pharah's is a bit much, in my opinion), but that D.Va one.  Gothic dress and cat ears?!  

I really need to see what the MEKA looks like with this skin - perhaps it'll just be another "legendary" in name only, like the Palanquin skin, that only changes her Zero Suit - but either way, what're the odds it'll actually usurp Cruiser as D.Va's best skin?  

Not great, I imagine.  


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time has a western release date!  It launches February 20th on PS4 and PC, digital-only, I'm afraid.  There's generally something quite chicken-soupy about an action-RPG, plus I adore this property, so that's gonna' be happening.  

There was something else, what was it... oh, right.  That Tomb Raider movie with Alicia Vikander got a second trailer, today.  I haven't watched it because that last trailer turned me way off, but maybe this one is better? 

Annnd oh, yes, 

Darkest Dungeon launched on Switch, today.  Got the game and all its DLC in the "Ancestral Edition" for the terribly reasonable price of $44.09 CDN!  Yaaaay!

Oh, wait, one other thing.  Remember how when I finally got my Tracer Nendoroid(s) from Blizzard, I didn't get Nendoroids, but a single, solitary Nendoroid?  And I had to go through customer support and have them send the second one I'd ordered?  

I remember asking the rep if I should cancel my 2X Mercy Nendoroid preorder and re-order two, individual Mercy Nendoroids.  They strictly assured me that this kind of thing never happens, and would not happen again. 

Well, it happened a-fucking-gain.  I got the shipping notification and it arrived later that day.  It, non-plural, not they.  I got online with Blizz support and Mercy Nendo No.2 was on her way a few days later.  

I don't know how to feel about this.  On the one hand, the Blizzard Gear Store is starting to reliably screw up on a semi-regular basis.  On the other hand, once I let them know they fucked up, they're excellent about resolving it.  

Oh well.  Excuse me, cosmic horror, fabulous style and profoundly addictive turn-based tactics are whispering my name...

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