Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Overwatch's next hero is something the community has been asking for since the game's launch - a hybrid tank and healer.  Think of her as a resto Shaman from World of Warcraft... kinda'.  Think of her as a paladin.

Okay so here's the deets.  She's got a ton of active skills, and one helluva passive.

  • It's pronounced bru-GEET-tuh. Like Vegeta from Dragon Ball, but with a br instead of a V. 
  • She's a support hero, but she's very much a tank hybrid - she just leans more support. 
  • She has 200 HP + 50 armor. 
  • Brigitte's flail is on a long chain - her melee strikes extend out five meters in front of her in a fairly wide arc, and like Rein's hammer or Genji's Dragonblade, its damage will cleave through multiple opponents. 
    • It only does like 33 damage per hit. 
  • Her alt-fire throws the flail straight forward about 20 meters, dealing 75 damage and knocking back enemies. 5 second cooldown.  This shuts down a Winston's jump easy peasy.  Observe:
  • Any time her flail strikes an enemy - with the AoE melee strike or the throw activate her powerful passive ability, which heals nearby allies for 75 health.  It takes a second or two for that healing to occur, and we don't have precise numbers for how much it heals per-second, but it re-activates every single time her flail makes a hit, so like Lucio she can basically constantly be healing her allies while dishing out DPS. 
  • She has a barrier shield like Rein's, but it's basically a tower shield, and it only covers her hitbox - and obviously can protect those immediately behind her.  The shield has 600 HP. 
    • While the shield is up, she can perform a shield bash which stuns the target, deals damage and allows her to do this instakill combo on Tracer:   
  • Repair Pack is an aimed, targeted ability kinda' like Ana's Nano Boost or Zen's Harmony orb.  She flings this thing at an ally, and they're healed for 150HP... unless they're already at full health, in which case they get 75 armor which disappears after a few seconds. 
    • So if your target is only missing like, 75 HP, they'll get that HP healed and get 33 shields on top of that - make sense?
  • Her ultimate is called Rally.  Brigitte moves faster (no one else), and any ally in her aura slowly develops 150 armor over a few seconds.  Unlike her repair pack armor, armor bestowed by Rally does not disappear until destroyed by enemy attacks.  This will raise her effective HP to 400, with 200 being armor. 
And that's Brigitte!  She sounds awesome, I think I'd enjoy playing her, but I'm obviously more looking forward to playing against her as Tracer.  Folks are saying she's a strong dive-counter support, and given what she can do to Winstons and Tracers, I'm not sure they're wrong... 

Oh - here's her origin vid: 

Brigitte is currently on the PTR, and should go live in two-to-four weeks.

[edit] Oh also Robohero put this up last night: 

Yeahhhh.  [/update]

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