Friday, February 23, 2018

Game Diary.

First up - Deadbolt is now available on PS4 and Vita!

Okay so I get home and I make the purchase on my Vita, and I let Deadbolt download.

Then I opened Deadbolt, and started up the tutorial.

Then, before completing said tutorial, I closed the application, turned off my Vita, and set it aside.  I should have deleted it before turning off my Vita and setting it aside, but the general sense of "ugh" was driving me too hard.

Eugh.  Newp.

But two nights this week I had a pretty good time doing something I rarely do on weeknights - playing Overwatch.

The extra competitive points I could score from placing in Capture the Flag's competitive mode are... desirable to me.  I haven't been able to do those placements, because when my brother and I hook up to play on the weekend, we're locked out of doing our CTF Comp placements together for some reason (it says our rank is too far apart but we're fucking unranked it's crazy).

On Wednesday night, at 7PM, I had the opportunity to play.  I figured I could play for an hour, and then unplug and unwind for a while before sleeping - a necessary precaution and plan, given the amount of adrenaline the game elicits in me.  The hour I had planned amounted to two matches.

First game, headset on, joined voice chat, went Mercy because I'm sleepy and I'll just help out and it'll be fun! Besides, my Tracer game always takes some time to dial in... Everyone else just explodes on the mic, and one guy is saying "gay" a lot, so I tune voice chat wayyyy down, but loud enough that I can still hear 'em.

We have a Torb and a Sym and an Orisa and a Hog, and they have a Bastion, a Moira, a Lucio, a Zen, a Tracer and a Sym. It goes poorly for us. The Hog always goes down (Oasis) beneath the point, on his own. Orisa just kinda' hangs out halfway between our flag and the point. They're never DPSing together, so they just die, no matter if I'm healing them or not. Once, for thirty seconds, I healed the Hog against their Zen, while eyeing the Moira who was down there with us. Hog died, I turned around and killed Moira, and then their Tracer wrecked me.

The "gay" guy is espousing on how much of the game is "gay." Turns out it's a lot, and almost everything.  The fact that you can put a Junk trap on the flag, Tracer - just like, all of Tracer (I mean, she is literally gay, but I don't think he was explicitly describing her sexual orientation) and her balance in particular - and that Zen ends up capping the flag - just coming in, grabbing it, and getting back to his point, unhindered - twice.

I get on mic, and - careful to have an optimistic, friendly tone - say "it's fine, we just need to group up and push while our Torb stays with our flag." This results in no change in behavior from any of my teammates. They are spread out for duels that they inevitably lose as they are jumped by two or more of the reds.

The guy with Gay Tourettes announces his opinion of this entire affair, and we decisively lose, shortly after one of our team - also doing their placements - quits the game.

Second game,

well, wait. Before the second game, I went into my settings and turned off team chat. Then I retweaked my headphone volume, cued up and instalocked Tracer.

Ayutthaya. We win, I go 17 and 3, gold gold bronze gold, PotG is a pulse bomb on their point just after our Hog grabbed the flag. Lucio and Symmetra converge on us, and it takes 'em. Then I drop beneath the bridge and get Mei. The potg ends, but then I get their Genji, and then the Tracer. The Roadhog tried to stay with our Lucio and I tried to stay with them and oh wowww look at thaaaaat...

Things went similarly well last night.  Again, I had an hour, but this time that was enough for four games.  The first one, my system automatically joins team chat.  I instalock Tracer, some guy instalocks Junkrat and says "can we lose the Tracer?"  My mic's turned off - I don't respond.  We get a Lucio and a Roadhog and a Sombra.  "We really need to not have either Sombra or Tracer," he keeps going.

I leave voice chat.  We lose, and I don't perform very well.  But I stick with it. The reason I was able to squeeze four games into an hour was because we won them all so damn quick.

I'm earning medals, putting in work, and it all culminates with another awesome 18-and-3 game on Ayutthaya, where two of the three deaths are the result of a Mei spamming icicles at head-height.  I'm doing a fabulous job shutting down their Sym's turrets and shield gen and generally staying alive, waiting for my team to join up and make a flag push.  Our Hog returns it twice.  The third time we grab the flag, the carrier dies about halfway to our base, and the reds all converge on it, body-blocking anyone from my team that might try to grab it.

The way picking up the enemy's flag and returning your own works, in Overwatch CTF 2.0 is...

  • you pick up the enemy's flag instantly by making contact with it. 
  • any movement ability (Tracer's blink or recall) will drop it instantly.  
  • once you kill the enemy carrying your team's flag, or they use a movement ability and drop it, the flag becomes locked out for about five seconds.
  • to return your own team's flag, after that lockout, you have to stand in a small circle around it and "capture" it - takes about another five seconds. 
  • during that five seconds, an enemy team member can pick it up... instantly, by making contact with it. 
...which is why teams will body-block the flag while trying to capture it.  It's an important five seconds.  

Tracer is not considered an optimal pick for Capture the Flag.  100% of her kit are movement abilities that will drop the flag, and her tiny little health bar ensures that almost all the time she grabs it, she won't get far.

But y'know what's not stopped by a body block?  Tracer's blink.

My final game last night, the PotG was me, zipping around and through the enemy team as they all clustered over the flag, blinking through them to instantly pick up and drop the flag, twice, pouring damage in with every clip and getting in on three or four kills in the process.

It was awesome.  I'm looking forward to tonight.

[update] 0 and 4 for those last CTF placement matches last night >.< placed 26something - I'll take that CP, thank you very much. [/update]

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