Friday, February 2, 2018

Overwatch Clip Show 54 - Work It Alice (A Variety Show)


This week's Clip Show is very different from anything I've done before.  It's... well, frankly, it's more like other people's Overwatch highlight vids that I like to watch on YouTube - punch the words "Rapida" or "Dabacabb" into YouTube to see what a professional Overwatch vid is like, by the way - so this one's like a sketch show, with a bunch of disconnected sequences, each with a different vibe or punchline coming. 

Also, I just wanna' throw this out there, I started up Celeste last night, and yes, it is very, very good.  Rock-solid mechanics, really nice level design - it's awesome.  So far.  Where Iconoclasts is an incredible amount of personality, context and really vibrant visual design - but a bit dry, mechanically - Celeste is razor-sharp platforming with excellent mechanics and level construction.  Check out Celeste

...Chamberlain sends Alex and I an email this morning about how far we're getting in Iconoclasts and whether or not he can talk spoilers yet... I feel so guilty >.< I have betrayed our fellowship for sexy controls and slick platforming. 

Anyway - Overwatch!

0:00 - 0:56 - emoting & blinking will be missed.  A heartfelt lament for all the back-capping, Widow-baiting, skirmish-socializing fun I will never have again. 

0:56 - 1:18 - my brother's sick potg.  Chris got an insane PotG in comp, and I wanted to give it My PotG Treatment where I line it up with a song and have some fun with the highlight intro.  It's impossible to do right with just the PotG capture from the game itself and without his point of view of the match, but it's better than nothin'!  ...I think.

 1:18 - 1:41 - yoink.  At the time, I was absolutely kicking myself for not committing to this attack on the Pharah, dropping from the roof as soon as I'd emptied the first clip and meleeing her before she could get the small health pack.

Turns out this was funnier. Ohhhh youuuu Tracerrrr! (Pharah fist shake!)

1:41 - 2:04 - hard counter.  When Mercy's ult became Valkyrie, the community quickly figured out its two hard counters.  Those are McCree's ult, High Noon - which will almost-instantly delete Mercy no matter what range or height she's at - and Soldier's Tactical Visor, which can burn down an ulting Mercy at thirty yards in one or two seconds, or less at closer range, but can't effectively stop her at extreme ranges. 

This Soldier was clearly waiting for me to pop Valk, but he didn't count on... this pillar!  Thank you for your service, Pillar, your loyalty to the Crown has been noted.

2:04 - 3:01 - more of a soft counter.  A near-tradition in my comp games this season is the sight of a Junkrat on the enemy team, who tends to appear somewhere around the end of round one, particularly when I'm having a good game.  I flatter myself to think this is a counter to my Tracer play, but most members of the Overwatch community will tell you that Tracer has no hard counter.  Genji has Winston or Moira, Bastion has Hanzo and Widow, Winston has Bastion and Reaper, et cetera - but there is no one hero on the enemy team that can completely shut down Tracer. 

She's got soft counters.  Torbjorn, Sombra and Junkrat all make life harder for Tracer just by being on the field - a Sombra effectively landing hacks on me is a holy terror, to me - and capable or higher-skilled McCrees, Tracers and Genjis can all deal with her if they've got better aim, but she has no hard counter. 

...but a lot of people will still pull out Junkrat in response.  It hasn't really slowed me down, is my point. 

3:01 - 3:21- almost perfect.  Pharah tries to boop me off the map, but a blink saves my life!  Mei tries to freeze me, but a Rewind gets me to safety!  She thinks her cryofreeze can protect her, but she's only giving me the perfect timing to land my pulse bomb!  Screw you, Mei, I'm the boss of these here parts and whups lost my footing and aaaaaaauuuuuuuuugggggh!


3:21 - 3:45 - haha no, but I like your style.  When an enemy Junkrat ults, I make a beeline for wherever I suspect he's hiding, hands clutching his ears, to put a clip into his head.  So, when my Junkrat ults in the middle of a duel with this Tracer (why???), I know exactly what she wants, and - while I know I can't heal him through a clip of headshots - I make a play to block her shots with my own mortal flesh, and keep him alive. 


3:45 - 4:21 - the battle mercy.  After dropping the final bomb on a Junk in the Soft Counter sequence, I run into this Mercy.  You may notice from the comm feed that a lot of players are dropping from this game, and backfills are coming in.  That's because this Mercy pretty much only broke out her heal beam when her team's Roadhog was in front of her, and otherwise relied entirely on her pistol. 

I give her some cheek, let her chase me around and come up from behind for a breezy pick before getting back to work on the rest of her team. 

4:21 - 4:26 - a quick rein pick.  Aptly named!  I think this Rein was trying to flank us to try to score a fatty Shatty - and it's not the quickest or craziest Rein takedown I've ever done, but what I love about it is that I did it like... casually.  Like I'm strolling along, whistling a little tune, there's a Rein in front of me and I just reach out, press the 'delete' button and keep on rollin'. 



4:36 - 5:38 - i have somewhere to be.  Everything was looking fine.  My team was coming back after getting wiped, but my Zarya almost has ult!  Oop - my Zarya has her ult!  It's wombo combo time!  It's maybe-play-of-the-game time!  Wooo! 

So I position myself behind the enemy team.  I'm sneaking up on their Mercy, and I know their Tracer's on my heels, but this is exactly where I want to be when my Zarya gravs.  I'll just blink in, drop the bomb, and return to the safety of my team - easy! 

But then the enemy Sombra ults, and my Zarya appears in the kill feed.  I've taken a few scratches from the Tracer, half my team is dead - I don't go for the Mercy gank, and turn around to find myself a health pack instead.  I know the Tracer's still on me. 

The health pack has been hacked by Sombra!  Sombraaaa! (Fist shake!)  I try to blink towards the mega, but the Tracer on my heels brings me down to like 40 health, and if I stay in the open for another second, I know she'll kill me.


I rewind back to the room with the hacked health pack, and completely blow a blink into a wall.  Coming out the other side, the Tracer - now with Soldier - cut me off.  I have no rewind.  I have no blinks left.  I'm one Helix rocket or solid Tracer clip away from death, but there's nowhere else to go - I blink through them, and use the payload to block their shots as I wait for the next blink. 

I burn it to break line-of-sight again, on the stairs to the high ground.  I know the Tracer is right behind me. 

I back up around a corner, breaking line of sight again as the Tracer sprays where I was, and as she goes for a reload I leap out in front of her again to get enough distance to blink out over the large health pack annnd...

Sombra hacked this one too.  And her translocator beacon's in here.  I'm not about to try to solo-duel a Sombra with so little resources on top of a hacked mega health pack, so I rewind back up to the high ground.

This chase has gone on so long, I got a second rewind.  And my Zarya's back from spawn.  I drop down in search of a health pack and oh my God, here it is, right in front of me - "fire at will!" my Zarya calls. 

I don't hesitate.  I turn away from the health pack, reach out the door and fling my bomb into the Grav before blinking sideways, back into cover.  My eyes are almost closed.  I'm watching the kill feed... and... quadruple kill.


There's my wombo combo.  And the Tracer was in the room I blinked in to, and finally, finally finishes me off.

Play of the Game was the other Tracer, getting less picks but it was on the payload so she got +objective defense fire.  They sent me a message demanding some 1v1 duels - I agreed - and told me I was "too passive" for them.

Well, I may be, but knowing when a fight doesn't favor me and knowing when to bail it kept me alive, and it put me in the right place at the right time to help my team take the first checkpoint!  (We won the game.)

And that's our show!  G'night everybody!


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