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Brigitte Lindholm is Torbjorn's oldest daughter, Reinhardt's God-daughter, and his protege. We haven't seen much of her, but she's been part of the Overwatch universe since the game launched.  This spawn room interaction between Mercy and Rein has been there from the beginning:
Mercy: Reinhardt, I don't approve of you dragging that poor girl around on your adventures.

Reinhardt: Bridgitte has made her choice. I would have her at my side.
Bridgitte - looking a lot less buff than she is - appeared in the Reflections comic around Christmas 2016, but she actually first appeared in Reinhardt's Dragon Slayer comic, where she went on a road trip across Europe with Rein and repaired his armor.

But we got our first fully-fleshed look at her in Rein's animated short Honor and Glory, where she urges the old war dog not to return to Overwatch operations after Winston sends a message to all the former Overwatch agents in the Recall short.  Here, in the game-world's three dimensions, she looks like as much of a Disney princess as the rest of the cast, albeit a rather buff one.

Brigitte as she appears in Honor and Glory

Nobody expected Brigitte would actually be Overwatch's 27th hero, but the evidence is... mounting...

Last week, Overwatch's Twitter fired out this little nothing:

Which is literally nothing - Torb got hurt, Rein too, but Rein saved Torb.  Okay?  Who's that other guy's name?  S'not important. 

Then, they released this letter from Torbjorn to his wife.  While Torb was convalescing in hospital following the above mission, he writes a letter to tell his wife that he agreed to let Rein name their first-born child, and be the child's God-parent.  We already know, that child is Brigitte. 

Then, we got this: 

"I'll knock some sense into you!"

The Slaga 3.0.  "Slaga" means flail in Swedish.  Torb's Swedish.  Which makes Brigitte Swedish. Note the paw of a red cat in the bottom-right corner - a red cat also appears with Torb's family in the Reflections comic.  And we know Brigitte's a talented builder and metalworker, as she repaired Rein's armor... and then today we got this:

“Last minute check! Everyone squared away?”

This bears a striking resemblance to the piece Rein holds at the center of his energy shield, but on the right of the sketch you can clearly see it's meant to facilitate more of a tower shield.

All these things - the flail, Brigitte's origins, the shield design... kind of suggest this:

She's gonna' look way cooler than this, though.

A new patch is now live on PS4, Xbox one and PC - don't get too excited - it only includes the Doomfist, Mei and (very significant) Sombra buffs.  A lot of folks anticipate those Sombra buffs won't last very long - the community has been warning Blizz that the changes are way OP - but what we didn't get was Hero 27's reveal. 

Rumor has it, now, we might finally get a reveal tomorrow at the Overwatch League event.  Here's hopin'!




Y'all know me.  Every day I get home from work, crack open Tumblr and a few other sites and go searching for hot new Overwatch fan art.  Ostensibly, this is for the blog.  Or a video thumbnail.  I have far, far, far more images, saved on my laptop's hard drive, than I could ever use or need, but it's...

I like my little rituals.  I share the good ones to the Overwatch discord I'm a part of, and save the very best.  I have saved a lot of Robohero's stuff.


Robohero's stuff is... simple, sharp and almost flat, but there's always been something earnest, lively and honest about it, for me.  There's something very human about their Lena and Amelie, and every time a new Robohero piece pops up, it usually gets saved. 

They did a period of drawing Tracer like a werewolf - didn't care much for that - but otherwise, it's getting saved.  You'd think with all the Tracer Vs. Widow videos I've done (only 3, I think?), I would've used one of their pieces for a thumbnail, but it hasn't happened, yet. 

Robohero would hate it, if I did, I'm sure.  Robohero would hate it if they happened upon this post, and saw me embedding their work with a link to the source, and not a straight embed of the original Tumblr or Twitter post. 

I don't think Robohero would like me very much, but I adore their work.  For a year, now, every week or few days there's another little precious gem of sweet personality and affection from them, that I lift up and show my 'net friends and cherish for a moment.  I enjoy my little rituals.


I bring up Robohero in particular, because yesterday I was conducting my ritual and they had a post up explaining that they'd lost some big-money Patreon supporters lately, and they were asking for any help you could manage, even if it was just one dollar a month. 

Every time I see an artist begging for Patreon dollars, I sigh and move on.  Not because I don't think they're worthy - there are so many that are! - but because of Easy Allies.

Nothing but love for Easy Allies, of course - I still adore those boys.  When GameTrailers went under, I missed Mandatory Update and Final Bosman and their excellent, trustworthy reviews so much that I immediately pledged $20 or $25 on Patreon to Easy Allies, when they started it up.  Easy Allies didn't give me back Final Bosman or Mandatory Update, but they kept up with the reviews and... I didn't watch much.

After six months it was like "oh my God I've given $120.00 for videos I never watch, this is insane," and I cancelled the pledge.  Didn't feel great about it, but it seemed... reasonable. 

And now, every time I see an artist begging for Patreon dollars, I think of Easy Allies and how I just couldn't keep it up. 

...but even $1 a month would help, said Robohero.  It doesn't seem like much, but it's a help!


And I'll be honest, there are better artists than Robohero.  There are people that are better at drawing or painting, but Robohero's stuff is... just reliably, consistently, always charming.  Each one is a little ray of sunshine in a bleak day.  Each one is a flower on my windowsill.  Robohero is the artist who's given me the most, asking nothing in return.

And I can do twelve bucks a year.

Actually, y'know what?  I can do sixty. 

I won't even notice sixty. 


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