Saturday, March 10, 2018

Game Diary - Overwatch Season 9 placements.

It did not go well.  It went very, very, very badly, and I have a working theory.

In season 8, I played 100% of competitive with my brother, who's about 900 rank below me - the result being, I'd consistently be playing against people give-or-take around 450 rank below me, and doing quite well against them.  This resulted in relatively few deaths, and almost 28 elims per 10 minutes, on average.

I did very, very well last season.  Which made Overwatch's ranking system think that a guy putting out these numbers should be ranked somewhere in Platinum (I ended season 8 at 2450ish, but because of my stats, the system thinks I should be higher).  Because the system thought I should be higher, it refused to allow me to do my placements with my brother, who was at about 16 or 1700. I guess it imagined I should be 2700+, and so, in my placement matches for season 9 last night, it was putting me up against people approaching diamond rank.

I assure you, I am not diamond.  Not skilled enough to be, and hold my own against them, I should say.  And last night made that abundantly clear.

I went 2 and 8, last night.  2 and 8.  I have a 20% win rate, on Tracer in season 9 competitive - down from almost 80% last season!  It was absolutely brutal.  Crushing.  Disheartening.  I did get three Plays of the Game and two of them weren't too shabby - but it's still deeply disappointing to kinda' be told that no, I need to stay in my lane and my lane is not-quite-platinum.

On the bright side, I was able to continue my habit of only sending positive messages when someone distinguishes themselves in my games.  The first was a gold gun Roadhog on Junkertown - on the enemy team - who was amazing with the scrap gun.  Most Roadhogs can't hit me unless they've hooked me first, but this guy was incredible about consistently landing his shots, and I needed to tell him so.

Awww that makes me feel better.

Later, there was a Zenyatta who was actually in two games - always on the enemy team - who was absolutely monstrous.  Incredible accuracy with standard orbs and their barrage, they were my #1 priority every time I got to the point, and they frankly put me in my place.

"Annoying" was seriously the best they could say, because probably 7 times out of 10, yeah.  Barrage to the head.  Very humbling.  I certainly wasn't threatening.

Towards the end of my placements, I had a match on Gibraltar.  I had a Zarya on my team and she was just remarkable.  She got her ult no less than three times per round, working out to like 6 or 7 gravs for the whole game, and every single time her ult was approaching readiness, she'd let us know.  Every single time she had it, she'd communicate and hold on to it if I didn't have mine, and I was able to combo with her for all but one of those gravs.

We lost - because I was Loser Personified last night - but I had to let her know it wasn't on account of her awesome Zarya.

I was so pissed off.  It was her best grav of the game - she got 4 of them, on their final push of their attack around, when they were like 10 yards from where we'd pushed it on our attack round, I'm in perfect range - I blink in, throw the bomb - STUCK! pops up on my screen, I blink back, hear the boom annnd... nothing.

I couldn't understand it, at the time.  They had no Lucio ult, they had no shields, their D.Va was out of mech, they had nothing to protect them from the pulse bomb.  I just hadn't seen the deflecting Genji.

Brutal.  Just brutal.

So when all was said and done, after finishing comp last season at 2450, and losing 80% of my placement matches this season, it placed me at... 2541.  Platinum. 100 points above where I ended last season.

Okay then!

...I sure hope I've convinced the system that it's reasonable for me to play with my brother again...

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