Thursday, March 29, 2018

I made two new Overwatch vids!

But they're not like, clip shows.

One is me failing, pathetically.

The other is five minutes of me somehow not able to die on Hollywood defense, buoyed by a great Symmetra who honestly gave us the resources we needed to hold the payload, and went ahead and got Play of the Game while I was impotently waiting for a heal from our Zenyatta, who flatly refused.

Also I thought it was pretty funny when I went for that health pack and Sombra yoinked it, and I do a double-take on the health pack - wtf? - and then look at Sombra like are you seriously not gonna' hack that for me?

And hot damn, my Pulse Bombs were on point.  Like I didn't miss a-one.  That's rare, for the record.

Oh, and I should mention, the next event starts on April 10th!  Here's hoping Tracer doesn't get fucked out of a new skin again!  (She totally will, though!)  Apparently the Uprising event is now just called Archives.

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