Saturday, March 17, 2018

Overwatch Match Highlights 16 - Looking for a Fox (the Widows of Ayutthaya)

Putting this vid together started with the first of the two Widows we see, here (Ninja_Trollzor69).  It was a crazy-awesome, fun game (the PotG where I have the flag ended up getting us a point), and they were super-nice when I sent them a GG afterwards.  So I was like okay, that's a vid, and put together the first half of the vid fairly quickly.  For weeks, this vid ended with a montage of other, unrelated PotGs, but I wasn't happy with it, and decided I wanted to be just a vid of duels, and kept on looking for footage - and ended up finding my matches against AllAimNoName - a very serious and professional Widow who has no time for my bullshit. 

Where Ninja_Trollzor distinguished themselves by obliterating my team in the first teamfight, AllAimNoName established very quickly that they were very good at killing me, personally, and I thought their initial domination of me was a nice counterpoint to the way I ran circles around Ninja_Trollzor.  For the record, my team won the match against Ninja_Trollzor, and of the three matches against AllAimNoName, we went 2 and 1.  There was a great one where, after I take out their shield gen (which is in the vid) and my team moves in, I snuck up behind AllAimNoName, gently brushed the last 20% of their life bar off, picked up the flag, killed their Lucio and strolled alllll the way back to my base to score. 

It was awesome. 

Oh, I guess I should post the vid.  I'm really happy with how it turned out! I've wanted to use this song since I first heard it, and Widow duels seemed like the ideal subject. 

...but it seems the public disagrees.  I posted this to the Penny Arcade forums on like, Thursday, I think, and didn't get a single heart off it >.< oh well.  I love it.  And so does Ninja_Trollzor69, so there's at least two people out there with excellent taste.

I hit the subscribe button - it seemed polite, and that's what the "thanks" is about.  Here's Ninja_Trollzor69's YouTube channel.  Their last posted video is gameplay of Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash and I'm like "man, what're the odds?"

So that interaction couldn't have gone better, in my opinion.  I wonder why no one else liked it?  

I wish someone would tell me why they feel it sucks?  Is the footage just boring?  Is the song offensive, in today's political climate?  No one's talking - but I make these vids for me, and I'm still a fan. 

G'night everybody!

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