Friday, March 2, 2018

Well THAT'S not fair!

My brother and I have done our competitive placements together, exclusively, every season we can.  For a while I was too high up in SR, or he was too low, or whatever - because you have to be within 1,000 SR of each other to group up for competitive. But the last few seasons were good!

My SR has remained relatively stable, and he climbed his way out of Bronze into Silver (1500+) while I remained in high Gold (sub-2500).  We ended last season at 1598 and 2442, respectively - well within 1,000 SR of each other. 

Something was amiss, with the Lunar New Year event's Capture the Flag competitive mode.  Neither of us had placed for competitive, but we couldn't place in a duo with each other - it locked us out, saying we had to be within 1,000 SR of each other.  We didn't even have an SR for CTF, and it said our ranks were too far apart.

Likewise, right now, we're unranked, but it says our rank is too far apart to do our normal competitive placements with each other.  We're locked out. Our official ranks, when last we had official ranks (three days ago), were well within 1,000 - but he were are, locked out.

Folks on the Overwatch forums and ResetERA are saying that my hidden MMR (Match Making Rank) - the hidden, mysterious number it assigns you to que you up with and against folks of similar skill, and informs your placements - has drifted out of range of my brother's.  Like, the system thinks he's hard Bronze and it imagines I'm Plat, I guess.  Whatever.

This fucking sucks.  I don't wanna' do my placements solo....

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