Thursday, April 12, 2018

Chamberlain & Chance 116 - It's The End Of The World As We Know It

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Chamberlain and Chance - It's the end of the world as we know it

  • Alex still insists that Mass Effect Andromeda is worth playing!
  • Torbjorn is a stupid shitty joke of a hero!
  • Chamberlain cannot abide angsty teenagers who don't have time-manipulation powers. 
  • And Chamberlain and Chance take Far Cry 5 out behind the wood shed to "teach it some manners."
But you'll have to tune in to hear it!

Also, I really enjoyed this email conversation we had today. 

SUBJECT: Those God of War Numbers. 

First of all, how am I to control my hype levels for the next week?

Second, it can’t be that good.

CHAMBERLAIN: Does God of War receive the same defacto rating bonus that Nintendo titles do?

CHANCE: It does not.

CHAMBERLAIN: Well then take off your cynical pants and just enjoy the hype. In 8 days you will once again be at the helm of a Barlog directed Kratos. Older, wiser, more fatherly, but still just barely in control.

CHANCE: I hope there’s axe puns.

“I hear you’ve been axe-ing around about me.”

Axe-imum effort!”

“And axe how we get ‘er done.”

ALEX: I must AXE you something personal.


CHAMBERLAIN : I suddenly want a new Epic Rap Battle:





CHANCE: I see your ginger gist
Mad Max style feminist
Is it at all problematic
That my girl’s not in the attic
This adventure starts with her death
Refrigerator? Mos def!

CHAMBERLAIN: I ain’t no Tiny Tina, bitch
Didn’t need no genre switch
I’m new IP, fresh on the scene
Hey Ash What ya playin, it’s always been me!
Killin’ the dinosaurs with my bare hands
Metal ones, fucker, the worst in the land!
Your bald head and scrawny kid are just kind of sad
Who was his momma, a gorgon? That’s just bad!

Take your chains and rage and just go away
That ass Asmussen was a hack, so I say!

CHANCE: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh

ALEX: Orson Welles clapping.gif


Barlog’s back bitch, bet your boobs I’m the bomb
Don’t have any? Whoops! Not my type, move along!
I please all my ladies with the push of a button,
Not that one, you perv, just his X, let my smut in.
And what right do you have to pick on my boy?
You’re Mom’s a machine, made of metal, a toy!
You’re a clone of an ancient sad virgin, Alloy!
Ha ha, my words, they bring chaos! Destroy!

Zeus and Hades and Hercules, too.
All family, dead, by the tip of my boot.
I don’t need my chains to whip you, girl
Ask Helios, Beheading bitches. My world!

Okay, I’ll stop now.

CHANCE: You're actually pretty good at this.

CHAMBERLAIN: Me and Eminem, we're like this.

ALEX: Like WHAT?  I can't see your hands from here!!!

CHAMBERLAIN: Careful, I may subject you and the listeners to my flow next week.

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