Friday, April 6, 2018

Don't Starve is coming to Switch... next week! (!!!)

I hated Don't Starve, for the record, when I tried it the first time on PC back in 2013.  When it came to PS3, I tried it again - liked it - but couldn't break through its dizzying depth to really understand what the game wanted from me. 

Then, I tried it on Vita, and discovered that Don't Starve is actually one of the greatest video games of all time.   I sunk hundreds of hours into Don't Starve: Giant Edition, and I still consider it to be Klei's greatest magnum opus - a doubly strong statement, in world where Mark of the Ninja exists.  Not a Rogue-lite in any sense of the word, it is an uncompromising challenge that offers stratospheric satisfaction, in return.  Don't Starve, all on its own, is a masterpiece. 

It's also the game the venerable Klei Entertainment (Shank 2, Invisible, Inc., Mark of the Ninja) has supported most, post-release.   The Giant Edition on Vita included the very sizable Reign of Giants expansion, which took an already insanely deep game and added yet crazier levels of complexity. 

Reign of Giants was followed by Don't Starve Together, basically adding co-op and other bells and whistles (it's available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One now, I believe).  After Together came the Shipwrecked DLC - another massive expansion that took the entire base game you know and love, tossed everything the player had learned about its world, and basically gave you a whole new encyclopedia of creatures, plants, weird science and mysteries to explore.

There are still new expansions coming down the pike for Don't Starve - I think the next one is about a civilization of Pig Men - five years after its release.  Personally, I'm less interested in the Hamlet expansion than I was in Shipwrecked - something I never touched, as Shipwrecked never came to the Vita version.

Well, on April 12, Don't Starve is gonna' land on Nintendo's handheld.  That's next week.  It'll run $20 on the eShop, and Don't Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition will include both Reign of Giants and the Shipwrecked expansion. 


Oh, also, Firewatch is coming to Switch, too.   Not next week, though.  It's comin' later.

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