Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The last Overwatch: Archives skin better be hot hot fire.

'Cause these latest two reveals are pretty meh, in my opinion.

Specimen 28 Winston.  Some community members say they like it - that it's Winston's "Weapon X" skin - which I get, but in-game it's gonna' read exactly like his default skin.  All the details are different - the jetpack is cool - but at-a-glance it looks very much like the first Winston skin everyone stopped using.  

Elsewhere, we have Soldier 24 Reaper (which, by the way, has turned Reyes76 'shippers on to the simple title of "100").  It seems a bit busy, to me, and I'm not sure we need the giant red gem in the middle of his chest, but it's always nice to see OG Reyes' face.  

What would be super cool (and will never happen) would be to have all his voice lines in this skin (and his Origins skin) use the OG Reyes voice that we heard in the Retribution announcement trailer.  

So yeah, neither of these are doin' much for me.  Here's hoping the final Legendary skin reveal is something amazing for Tracer!  

It won't be.  Obviously.

[update] This just leaked:

Three questions:

  • do the equalizer bars on his legs actually light up and tremble with his music?
  • will this skin change his music, like with the Jazz skin?
  • whose nuts do I need to suck to get a new Tracer skin?  Papa Jeff, please!  Please, Papa Jeff!

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