Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I didn't know. I DIDN'T KNOW!

Listeners of the best darned podcast in the podcastin' land will remember, in late March, when I took issue with the Shanghai Dragons' Twitter feed referring to Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon - the first woman Overwatch League pro - as "cute."

This really stuck out, to me.  Perhaps other teams or even the Dragons themselves have referred to male Overwatch League pros as cute, but I've never seen an example of it.  This came across as explicitly gendered, to me, and an example of an organization placing value on her aesthetics instead of her (exceptional) ability.  Just because she's a girl you're gonna' call her cute?  Nobody ever calls XQC cute - I mean, he's a toxic font-of-bile asshole, but he's also adorable, with that messy mop of platinum blond hair and a pair of big puppy-dog brown eyes.

But now I'm wondering if that was an over-reaction.  I mean, Alex had the same reaction, but... here's the problem.  Geguri means "frog" in Korean, and she posted these a week or so ago:

And it's like.. God damnit.  She is cute.  She is so cute!

I had no idea.   And I have no idea if I should feel dumb about this or not, but here we are. 


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