Thursday, May 24, 2018

I've Got Skins In The Game

I've no doubt mentioned, but I have an Overwatch event tradition.  When an event happens, I buy 50 loot boxes and open them up like Christmas morning.  Then, because this practice has built up a ton of in-game gold credits, I go ahead and buy whatever stuff is important to me (a rare problem to have, ever since The Great Tracer Skin Drought began), and resume playing as normal in my new dapper-ass outfits.

This may sound insane.  In fact, maybe it is - but I enjoy it.  I rationalize it by reminding myself that my frankly-unhealthy obsession with Overwatch has saved me the literal thousands of dollars per year that I used to spend on every major release that comes out, but really the whole "I enjoy doing it" thing honestly trumps everything else.

So I got Doomfist's Tux and Moira's dance in my free box.

As you'll recall, I was concerned that Anniversary's loot boxes - which always contain an Anniversary item (including crap like sprays and icons) - also contain loot from literally every seasonal event the game has ever had - and that's a lotta' items.  Actually Blizz put out an infographic lately.  Apparently since launch in seasonal events and such they've added over 200 skins, over 500 sprays, over 40 highlight intros, over 80 emotes, over 250 icons, over 450 voice lines and over 100 victory poses.  That's a lot of stuff that's not the eight new Legendary skins for this Anniversary event, and I figured that would make it far harder to get those sweet new skins.

I was wrong.

Here's what I got from my 50 loot boxes.

Anniversary Epics (3/3): 
  • Venom Soldier
  • Bitrate Lucio
  • Lightning Tracer

Anniversary Legendaries (6/8):
  • Formal Doomfist
  • Sherlock McCree
  • Buccaneer Junkrat (niiice)
  • Stealth Bastion (not bad!)
  • Shieldmaiden Brigitte (niiice)
  • Magician Symmetra (meh)

Non-Event Legendaries: 
  • Sparrow Genji
  • Caution Doomfist

Emotes (3/3):
  • Brigitte's dance
  • Moira's dance
  • Doomfist's dance

Victory Poses (1/1): 
  • Tracer Wink (yay!)

Notable Voice Lines: 
  • Genji saying "you need healing."
  • Moira saying "good news, everyone."

Seriously - the game's resident mad scientist says

I love that so much.  So my fears were entirely unfounded - I got almost nothing but Anniversary items.  I'm glad I didn't get Torb's Cybjorn skin - really don't care for it - but I'm kinda' burnt that I didn't get the one legendary from this event that I actually want - Orisa's Forest Spirit.

But that's okay.  I'll buy it with credits when I can start playing tomorrow night ^.^

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