Saturday, May 19, 2018

Looks like all the Overwatch Anniversary skins have leaked.

Here's an Epic for Lucio:

Doesn't seem quite as striking as the Venom Soldier or Lightning Tracer - and there's a chance that these are fake, keep in mind, but they do line up with Blizzard's general design sensibilities.  Now if you want Blizz to slow-drip you the skin reveals over the next few days - avert your eyes!  Look away, and I'll put this behind a page break to protect you!

But not before I tell you I played a bunch of Dragon's Crown Pro last night, and probably 10 rounds of Mystery Heroes, and I got 3 PotGs!  One with Pharah on Ilios, a sassy Tracer Wombo Combo on Anubis defense and a five-kill with Bastion on Hanamura defense.  Far-and-away my best Bastion PotG of all time, if not just my best Defense Hero PotG ever.

Okay so skins!

That is a dapper-ass Doomfist and there's nothin' wrong with that.  This is the single-best skin of this event.

Meh.  I feel like they're really hitting the bottom of the barrel with McCree's skins, lately.

THAT is awesome.  And it's also suggestive that these might be fake - I swear to God I've seen this in some fan art, somewhere - but if it's real, it's definitely happening for me.  I've been gettin' a lot of use out of Orisa lately, and I'd call this her best skin.  By a wide margin.

Ow.  I just threw out my shoulder from shrugging so hard.

Jack Sparrow Junkrat looks pretty good, by comparison to the rest of these.

I both love and hate this one.  The idea of Symmetra in formal wear is awesome - but this looks less like formal wear than kind-of-a-Vegas-magician from the waist up, and because it has that dress-up look it makes what's going on below the hips remind me of a Playboy Club cigarette girl or a Vegas showgirl.

I understand Blizz does this in order to maintain a hero's silhouette, but this would look so, so, so much better if they'd just given her pants.  This looks like a Legendary skin they got halfway through making and said "good enough!"

Edit: look at this fix from a Tumblr user:

Look how much better it looks with pants.  That's all it takes is pants!

Pretty good!

So we get awesome Orisa, awesome Doomfist, good Brigitte, good Junkrat, and kinda' meh for Sym, McCree, Bastion and Torb.

...I really hope that Orisa one's real!

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