Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Overwatch Clip Show 56 - No Duh

I did not expect to use this song.  Originally it was gonna' be Break Loose by Gramatik - an awesome James Brown remix - but in the end I felt it was too mellow for what I wanted to pull off.  Or what I was obliged to, I guess.

I haven't felt very motivated to make a vid since Comics, likely because I think Comics is kinda' my current pinnacle.  You should watch it, if you haven't, I'm sayin'.  That thing's awesome.  That lack of motivation didn't translate into not playing Overwatch - just a bit less of it - and I kept on hitting the share button when something halfway decent happened.  As a result, my PS4 hard drive is filled to bursting - 300GB of Overwatch - far, far, far, far too much to actually watch for the good bits.

And I know there's good bits in there.  I had one where I killed an ulting Junkrat, he sent his Rip-Tire straight for me and I killed it, too.  It was amazing.  It was Everything's Just Wonderful in reverse.

But I didn't have time to sift through that much footage for the awesome bits of maximum style.  Oh man there was a KotH last week where I went Tracer for round 2 and beat off a pair of incredible DPSes on the other team to tie it up.  They came out with triple Tracer counters - McCree, Brigitte and Junkrat - and I started every teamfight by flanking the team, wrecking the Junk and going to work on their healers.  It was beautiful.

But no time.  But I wasn't prepared to lose it all, so I came up with a plan.  I would quickly view every single clip, zip to its end and see if I'd scored a PotG. Then I'd check to see if it was a decent one, and it might get added to the project.  I've got a PotG on Volskaya that's a double kill for a grand total of like 40 fire - worthless - but there were a lot that bore consideration.  It took only a few hours to get through it all in this fashion, and I ended up with a 30-clip project in Share Factory of like 28 Tracer PotGs.  Or... wait, I guess it woulda' been 26 Tracer PotGs, 2 very-nice non-PotG Pulse Bombs, one Reaper PotG for some reason and one clip of an amazing Grav I threw a Pulse Bomb into, only to have it kill nothing but the Reinhardt before my brother's Self Destruct detonates, netting a quintuple kill.

Then we rolled the payload home on King's Row, and won, and I was filled with great joy and terrible sorrow.  Annnywho.  I was thinkin' of Break Loose, and I gave Batshit by Sofi Tukkar a real shot - but somehow I threw No Duh by K Flay at it, and it stuck.  It's just... sassy enough to make some of the sillier moments I wanted to include work (killing the Reinhardt while stunned by his Shatter).

And it begins with me sneakily back-capping the payload on my first-ever Tracer-on-Rialto game (the one with the Junkrat counter that didn't quite counter), where I also scored my first-ever Rialto PotG.  I hope you dig it!

The problem with using almost-all PotGs is that there's almost no dueling in this vid, and I loves me some duels - and watching Pulse Bombs go off repeatedly gets pretty samey pretty fast, so I included an entire pistols-only Ayutthaya PotG I've always been fond of and made an excellent pistols-only one on Numbani a centerpiece.

Of note...

0:59 - 1:09 : On Hanamura.  I love PotGs with solid pistol kills, and I love PotGs where I use Rewind to achieve movement instead of health recovery.  Plus the saucy wave.

1:13 - 1:24 : A Pistols-only PotG on Aytthaya.  4 elims, not a scratch on me!

1:32 - 1:39 : Whup, there go your supports.  Getting a stuck Pulse Bomb kill on a Moira is always delicious - she's the only support who can straight-up survive it, with her Fade ability.

1:39 - 1:54 : An excellent PotG on Numbani - half because of how batshit crazy it is.  I'm not flanking - I'm with my team - which is already a recipe for disaster.  The entire red team can see what I'm doing - and I zip through their Rein's shield to finish off Hanzo.  Their McCree High Noons from behind his Rein's shield, and I immediately 180 and kill him (delicious) as their Zenyatta Discords me.  I one-clip him and turn to the enemy Rein as he ults my team, and Winston and I kick his ass before he can get any value out of his Earthshatter.

And that is a sweet-ass no-ult PotG, thank you very much.

2:03 - 2:10 : Lifesaver PotGs are always a little disappointing - they're rarely actually awesome - but this one's just hilarious.  I blink into the Reinhardt's Earthshatter after softening him up and sticking him with my ult.  His Earthshatter disables me and my entire team - we're all just ripe for the pickin' - and the Pulse Bomb detonates.  Rein gets nothing from his shatter, and (cut from the vid), my team and I turn around and destroy that Mei and Roadhog.  Wonderful.

2:19 - 2:25 : I really like this one on Anubis.  What makes it, for me, is the fact that after I stuck Genji he leapt above his team and basically explodes like a flak cannon round, making it a three-fer.  Very nice.

2:29 - 2:33 : This sick quack-kill Pulse Bomb on Numbani is notably not a Play of the Game, because I did not imagine my Zarya would ult that soon and our Moira poured her ult into the Grav for just long enough to out-damage me.  Still, I got the killing blows and I waved, so it felt amazing at the time.

2:33 - 2:46 : I whip out my Pulse Bomb on Eichenwald and am immediately Shield Bashed by the Brigitte.

That's it, I figure.  I'm dead.  Either Brigitte will melee and Whip Shot me and I'm dead, or I'm stunned until my bomb goes off and I'm dead - but at the very last moment, I'm able to rewind back up onto the high ground as the bomb goes off and takes Ana, Brigitte and Junkrat with it.  Dueling a Rein without rewind is risky - two melee strikes, two seconds is all it takes - but I went for it and I finished him with a melee and "I've got this under control."

Not too shabby, in my opinion.  Not to shabby at all.

I seriously can't find a source for this one - Google reverse image search is worthless.

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