Friday, May 18, 2018

Overwatch Long Cut 19 - Life's A Happy Song (C9)

This is from one of my placement matches last weekend.  We'd almost let the reds take it home on their attack phase, but held them off at the last moment, and they were super aggressive when we went on attack - forcing my entire team back to our spawn once we'd taken the first point, just beatin' the shit out of us.  I go on a far flank and zip in to try to stick the McCree and complete whiff it, and immediately bail out to the far side of the payload... which starts moving, with no enemies close to it... and it... keeps moving. 

Behold - the most epic C9 I've ever pulled.

Thank God Chris was able to join me on the payload.  I've solo'd Brigittes before, but that doesn't mean I'm dumb enough to want to try to solo one.   That sweet-ass D.Va...

Okay, so this came from, but now there's nothing at that addy and I can't find the artist anywhere and even that twitter handle in the image doesn't exist!  I tried, @hyperbou1!

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