Sunday, May 20, 2018

Today in Overwatch news.

Well also yesterday, but I'm busy, so shoot me. 

Behold, Trace and Bake, an adorable stop-motion animation made for the game's two-year anniversary.

I... absolutely love this.  It's adorable.  Tiny Tracer dragging a tray of eggs across a countertop brings me joy, I can't help it - and as a Tracer main, this part in particular gave me glee:

Because where others see a little action-flourish in a cute little animation, I see something that would fill the gaping void in Tracer's repertoire of highlight intros - a highlight intro that celebrates her Pulse Bomb.  Every hero with a damage ult in Overwatch has a highlight intro that showcases it except Tracer (I think... but now I wanna' make sure, so let's do it...)

  • Doomfist's got a Meteor Strike
  • Genji's got one where he pulls Dragonblade
  • McCree has a High Noon one
  • Pharah's got Barrage
  • Reaper's got Death Blossom
  • Soldier... does Soldier have one?  I always thought "Target-Rich Environment" counts, so I'm gonna' count it. 
  • Sombra has EMP
  • Bastion has Reconfigure, which shows off tank form. 
  • Hanzo... that's true, Hanzo actually doesn't have one that showcases the dragons. 
  • Junkrat's got his Riptire one
  • Mei's got a Blizzard one
  • D.Va has 2 that have her ejecting from the mech and one that includes an actual self-destruct
  • Orisa's got her Bongo highlight intro
  • Rein's got Hammer Down
  • Hog's got a Whole Hog one
  • Winston's got a Primal Rage one
  • Zarya's got a Grav intro
  • Moira's got a Coalescence one... and that's every offensive ultimate in the game. 

Okay so every offensive ult except for Spirit Dragons and Pulse Bomb have highlight intros.  And arguably Tac Visor.  If this isn't a new highlight intro for Tracer being teased, I will be very disappointed.  Which is likely.

New Deathmatch map Petra is coming soon, and here's a vid showin' it off:

I haven't watched it 'cause I never play Deathmatch and don't care about it, and today Blizz officially revealed Magician Symmetra.

My problems with this skin remain.  At first glance, this strikes me as something a Vegas showgirl or cigarette girl at the Playboy Club would wear.  It is perhaps meant to invoke Zatanna - a DC hero from the 60s... 

...but it ain't the 60s and Zetanna's costume enjoyed a much-better-looking redesign in the recent DC Young Justice cartoons.

Sexualizing a brilliant super-scientist woman of color is a big, separate problem that Symmetra has suffered from day-one.  It could have been simply and satisfactorily solved in this case simply by granting her pants, but that leads us to my second problem with this skin - it's just a new texture and a few new polygons added to her base skin.  They're calling it a Legendary, but it's her base skin with a top hat and bow tie.  That's it.  

This skin is Mei-rry 2.0. 

Mei's default skin on the left, "Legendary" skin Mei-rry on the right.

This is simply Symmetra's default skin with a top hat and a bow tie.  And they're calling it a Legendary.  It's about as Legendary as Tracer's new Lightning skin, which is her default skin with a new texture and a new model for the hair. Observe:

It feels cheap and lazy, and - as awesome as having a whole hard-light arm is (and it is!) - it's a real disappointment when held up against this event's other legendaries like the new Orisa or Doomfist. 

Oh welly.

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