Sunday, June 10, 2018

E3 2018 - Bethesda's Press Conference

For a relatively small publisher, Bethesda's E3 pressers have historically been pretty damned good, generally standing head and shoulders above EA's and Ubisoft's.  This should be sweet. 

Expectations?  Fallout 76, obviously, and Prey DLC.  And Rage 2. 

Hopes?  Doom 2.  Let's see what we've got.  And heeere weeee go!

Aw it's a feelgood vid about how Bethesda devs are normal people!  I was worried about that, so that's good to know.

And Pete Hines is up.  He's talkin' up how many games they released in 2017 (in fairness, it was a lot).  Hm.  Metacritic ranked Bethesda the #1 publisher based on game score in 2017.  That is actually pretty cool.

Ahhh he made a Walmart Canada joke.  Ey Rage 2 is up first!

Oh fuck Andrew W.K. just came onstage and is hyping the crowd, asking if they're "ready to rage."  I think this is too on-the-nose, but Chamberlain seems to think it's cool.  But he's getting applause, so that's nice.  And now video game people are here to talk about video games! 


"If you see it, you can drive it."  Nice.  Shooting looks more Doom 2016 than Rage - but a ton of abilities and skills you can use to slam folks around and set up kills.  Looks fun!  Coming spring 2019.

Elder Scrolls Legends is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Switch.  And if you have the game on another platform, you can carry over your progress through a account.And now a dude's talking about Elder Scrolls Online.  Hm.  It's up to 11 million players now, its been voted "best MMO" 3 years in a row, apparently.  Hm! And there's more DLC coming and yadda yadda yadda here's a trailer.

Is this Doom? 

S'gotta' be Doom! 





CCCCCCKKK YASSSS okay it's called Doom Eternal.  Not in love with the title. 

There are "twice as many" enemies in Doom 2.  It does contain "hell on Earth."  They'll debut it at QuakeCon in August.  Awwww I wanted to see gameplayyyy. 

Now a dude's talking about Quake Champions and I'm gonna' try to post some vids as I listen... 'cause I don't really care about Quake...

And now Arkane Studios is up to talk about Prey!

Wow they're adding NG+ and a new Survival mode and a "story mode" in a free update right now.  Oh and the DLC is on its way and it sounds a little Rouglike-y and here's a trailer!

Ugh don't make me want to play Prey again.  Prey Mooncrash

And a new DLC is coming where there's 1 human-playing player Vs. 5 mimics.  Omg that's kinda' brilliant. Typhon Hunter.

And now Wolfenstein is up...

The next thing is called Wolfenstein: Youngblood, BJ's twin daughters in Paris in the 80s and it's... "a co-op experience."  "While you can play it solo, you can also play with a friend to save the world together.  The resistance is counting on you!"

Yay trailer!  Story trailer!  Little happens!  Ewkay!

And now Pete Hines it talking about VR games.  And now he's finally talking about Fallout 76.  Here we go.  Oh okay he's talking about how long he's been in the industry and doing a little stand-up bit about how E3 has grown like a child. 

Lol they've got a comedy bit about Skyrim being ported to Alexa with Keegan-Michael Key.  It's... really, really good. 

Bethesda is so good at this.

Okay, Fallout 76.  Again, it's four times bigger than any previous Fallout.  Goddamnit it's the MS conference trailer agayunnn.
Chance: "Goddamnit we JUST SAW THIS TRAILER."

Chamberlain: "This is the same trailer as at the Microsoft conference. Boo-urns."

Chance: "Remember how much they showed for 4. Keep hope alive, bby."

"The quest the overseer sends you on will take you through six regions..." Okay this just looks like classic Fallout.  Tons of weird new enemy types!  "Yes, Fallout 76 is entirely online."  You and everyone else who left the Vault are player-characters. "First, of course you can play this solo."

Good.  That's a big deal, Beth.  "It's more 'softcore survival.'"  Death never means the loss or progression, or your character.  You'll be in a world with dozens - not hundreds, not thousands - of other characters.  You can join friends whenever you want, and your progression goes with you.

This is good!

"The easiest way to survive in the wasteland is to build together.  And in this game you can build wherever you want.  And then you can move that building wherever you want."

"We love dynamic game systems.  So we thought why don't we put lots of nuclear weapons sites on the map and then let you do whatever you want with them."

Sounds like a major co-op quest chain, basically.  And it'll have dedicated servers.  And it'll have a Beta - or their Break-it Early Test Application.

A Special Edition comes with a map of the world "that glows in the fucking dark."  What's awesome.  It comes with figures you can put on the map and... a T-51 power armor helmet with a light-up life, a voice modulator in the mouth, and it's wearable. 

Hahah wow. 

Launches November 14, 2018.  Classic Bethesda.  I love how they do this. 

Also, Fallout Shelter is coming to the PS4 and the Switch.  Still free.  (+ microtransactions.) And they're available tonight

And now he's talking about Elder Scrolls: Blades - a custom game for iPhones with console-quality graphics but almost... kinda' Myst-y movement?  Kinda' like a dungeon crawler? 

It's got procedurally-generated dungeon, a PvP mode, and a hub for single-player quests.  You can upgrade and decorate the town and level it up, unlocking new NPCs and quests.

"We are gonna bring Blades to every device and system we can, including VR on mobile up to PCs."

Blades is coming this fall for free.  Which means in-game purchases.  You can preorder tonight on the App Store and Google Play store. 

"We have also been working on a brand-new next-generation single-player game, but this one is in an all new epic franchise."


"Our first wholly original franchise in 25 years." 


Yup - Starfield.  "Starfield is a game that we have spent years thinking about and working on.  Something that we feel uniquely positioned to pull off and that we're incredibly excited about.  But we're also building toward the game after that - and it's the one you keep asking about."

Elder Scrolls VI! 

Pretty damned good show, Bethesda.  Pret-ty damn good.

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