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E3 2018 - Electronic Arts' Press Conference

First up!  Electronic Arts - their last two E3 conferences have been massive snooze-fests, so we'll see if they're planning on showing some real content or offering some real reveals this year.

First up - a sizzle reel.  Star Was Battlefront II, Anthem, Battlefield.  Looks like Anthem is up first.  Wow Andrea Rene is hosting.  That's cool.

Battlefield V is up first.  You'll be able to roll and dive through windows, and now my stream is frozen.  And apparently there's a lot of customization for gameplay changes and aesthetics.  Okay I need to switch to a different feed.

Ooop.  Looks like Battlefield V will have a Battle Royale mode.  So that took about five minutes.  And the stream is locking up again and I have to switch rooms.

Okay, we're back!  And Battlefield V is over and now it's FIFA 19.  Wow Battlefield V and FIFA both require subtitles to understand the dialogue lol.

I'm not good at making notes for sports games, as I have no idea what the important bits are, but please note, dear reader - please note - two people talked about FIFA 19 for about ten minutes.  It's coming this October.

Huh.  There's a free trial right now on PS4, Xbox One and PC - the entire game, you can play it right now for free.  No further details.

Now Andrew Wilson't talking about how important and "disruptive" streaming and "cloud gaming" is.  Yyyuck. Showing games streaming on phones, TVs, et cetera.  "It's not quite ready for full market prime-time yet."  Mmhm.

They're announcing "Origin Access Premier" - all of our new PC games starting with Madden NFL, back on PC for the first time in over a decade... and "the vault - our library of over 100 games."  It'll launch later this summer.

Free trial of Origin Access this weekend.  So you get to play EA games first with the subscription, I guess?

Vince Zampella from Respawn is in the audience.  They're not ready to show what they're doing next, but he assures us it's amazing.  But here's a teaser : "Jedi: Fallen Order" is the name of the game.  Guess you'll be playing a Jedi.  Which I like!

It takes place "during the dark times" "when the Jedi are being hunted."  Between Episodes 3 and 4.  Looking at Holiday 2019.  Yeah right.

Oh one of the DICE devs is onstage now, admitting that Star Wars Battlefront II was a trainwreck at launch.  But now he's talking up all the the changes they've made.  They're adding a new Solo: A Star Wars Story bit next week, and a bunch of other content.

Battlefront II, this year, will be going to The Clone Wars.  There'll be a Geonosis level, the biggest level Battlefront's ever had, and General Greivous will be a hero, and so will Obi Wan.  Count Dooku too, and Anakin Skywalker.

Wow he actually sounds really depressed to be talking about this.  And the leaked Unravel Two is up next. "Two little souls who refuse to give up and build something beautiful and new together."

Can be played alone or in co-op, "but there's always 2 characters sharing one yarn."  Very nice aesthetics - very cute.  Two little yarn people running from a feral grouse.

Unravel 2 is available today.  The game is finished, it's out.

And they've got another indie to announce.  Now they're talking about A Way Out.  Calling it "a huge success," and the team is now "expanding and moving into a new studio."

The next EA Original (indie) is called Sea of Solitude or SoS from Jo-Mei Games.   Aw the lady from the studio is super nervous.  It's adorable.

"When humans get too lonely they turn into monsters.  This is at the core of everything you will see, hear and hopefully feel when playing SoS.  What makes this underlying concept so important and unique is how every human being can relate to or remember the feeling of being lonely.  I started writing the story when I felt the loneliest in my life..."

"...I think this is why so many people can instantly connect with the game, even though it's a made up story."

It's about a young woman named Kay who's suffering from such loneliness that the hopelessness turns to the outside and she turns into a monster.  The game is about finding out why this happened to her, and turn her back into a human.  The game is about bringing emotions into balance, and to embrace even your destructive part and self-doubt in the same way you embrace your joy and hope, and that's what being human and this game is all about."


Damn I like the look of this.  Coming early 2019.

Now they're showing a bit of a basketball game.  Oh wait now it's Madden.

And now two guys are here to show us "a brand new mobile game."  Yay.  Looks like an RTS.  Control an area near "the missile" in the middle of the map, and the missile will launch and hit the enemy side.  And they're bringing out two celebrity came streamers to play this phone game.

Oh thank goodness.  I was worried that by watching the press conference of one of the biggest video game publishers in the world, we wouldn't see a game for phones.  What are you doing, EA?  What are you doing?

I had no idea.  I had no idea there was something worse than watching sports or Just Dance footage during a E3 press conference, but here we are!

Command & Conquer Rivals.  Coming to iOS and Android devices, and Android owners can play the pre-alpha today from the Google Play store.  Oh look a million-dollar CGI trailer for said phone game.

And now, finally, they're gonna' show Anthem.  Oh.  Wait.  False alarm.  They're talking about this charity thing they do called Play to Give.  So they gave a million dollars to charities.  Blizzard did 10x that with a single skin for Overwatch.  Ya goobers.

Okay Anthem!  Oh it's just a CGI trailer.  M'kay.

Andrea Rene is back up, and apparently we're now gonna' do a "deep dive" into Anthem.  Oh we'll see about that, Andrea Renee. 

Okay, so the open-world bits, the combat bits, are co-op and multiplayer, but when you go back to a base or a town, now it's single-player and story-driven.  Ookay. "The world is always changing," the weather systems, the seasons, and when a change happens everyone will experience it at the same time.

You can pick and choose which exosuit you use - there are four different types, and you can heavily customize them.  There will be cosmetic and vanity items you can purchase, you can't pay for power-ups and there are no loot boxes.

They want it to feel "complete from the get-go."  The game can be played solo, but it will be more difficult.  And now they're gonna' show gameplay!

I feel like that was less gameplay than we saw last year o.O It's very nice-looking, though.

And Anthem will launch Feb 22, 2019 - same day as Days Gone lol.

And that's it!  That's EA's conference!  So, in a nutshell,

  • Battlefield V will have a battle royale mode.  (Shockedface!)
  • There's a free FIFA 19 demo of the full game, available on all platforms now. 
  • They're looking into "cloud gaming" - like, streaming the game's visuals from an offisite server.  Boo.  
  • They're trying to push their EA subscription service - Origin Access. 
  • Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall, the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare crew) are making a game called Jedi: Fallen Order that takes place between Episodes 3 and 4. 
  • A bunch of new content is coming to Star Wars: Battlefront II
  • Unravel Two announced (y'know, the little yarn-puppet game).  
  • Unravel Two has launched!  It's available now. 
  • Sea of Solitude announced from indie dev Jo-Mei out of Germany, looks very nice. 
  • They did a full match game demo of a fucking PvP strategy RTS (sorta) for phones.  Command & Conquer Rivals.  You can play the pre-alpha version on Android now. 
  • BioWare's Anthem will launch Feb 22, 2019.  You'd think they've shown more of it by this point if the launch is less than a year out o.O
...but in terms of new announcements?  Respawn's working on a Jedi game, Unravel has a sequel out today, Sea of Souls looks neat, and Anthem launches early next year.  

Not great, EA.  Not great. 

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