Sunday, June 10, 2018

E3 2018 - Microsoft's Press Conference

Alrighty Xbox, here we go.  Show me all the awesome third-party stuff comin' to PS4.  Okay so we've got what looks like a CG trailer of some nature stuff... rain and fire and footprints through the forest.  Oh, ancient animals - something in prehistoric times.  But there's a modern-day tent and a crashed plane... mysterious!

Modern-day soldiers walking through ancient stone ruins.  It's a Halo game!  Master Chief's helmet.  The classic score.

Halo Infinite.  Wow, original title.  "Powered by the SlipSpace Engine."  Looks like 343 Studios.

Doesn't mention genre or release window or anything.

Phil Spencer's up.  There are what look like a ton of demo unit kiosks on the stage with him.  He's talking up Xbox's partnership with some charity.  "For months our teams and I have travelled the world" meeting studios and creators.  "Today we've curated a showcase of their best work and ours.  50 games.  18 titles with exclusivity and 15 world premieres."  Hm.

Ori and the Blind Forest 2 is up next.  Goddamn it's so gorgeous >.
Next up is... a "world premiere" - not an exclusive.  Looks like Koei Tecmo.  Onimusha?   Oh fuck this is From Software.

Ninjas.  Oh my fuck.  Dark Souls combat with tons of movement abilities.  Fuck yes.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, coming 2019. Todd Howard is up from Bethesda.  Fallout 4 is coming to Xbox Game Pass.  And now it's our first look at Fallout 76!  A prequel to all the other games and "our biggest one yet."  4 times the size of Fallout 4.  Set in the hills of West Virginia, you're among the first to emerge..."

This looks entirely like a traditional fallout game.  Next up is a Squenix game...

Dontnod's next thing - an original story in the Life is Strange universe.  Looks pretty cute.  And now Crackdown 3 is up.

Nier: Automata is coming to Xbox One.  Includes DLC.  Comes out June 26th.

Metro Exodus is up! AWesome trailer.  Coming Feb 22, 2019.  Why is everything coming Feb 22, 2019?!

"Generations have loved inventive RPGs from studios in Japan.  Our next is the latest in a legendary series.  For the first time ever on Xbox - Kingdom Hearts."

Ooh it's a localized trailer.  Ah they're in Frozen world.  Well that looks just lovely.  And now Sea of Thieves is up.

Then there's a little story trailer for Battlefield V - looks very nice!  And now it would appear to be Forza.

Definitely a Forza Horizon entry.  Offroad trucks, supercars, a hearse, buggies, destructible fences, a hoverboat, motorbikes.  Horizon 4.  No release window.  60FPS on Xbox One X.  Every season changes the world around you, changing gameplay.

Chamberlain is not happy about the always online thing.  Oh and now Spencer's announcing the creation of a new microsoft studio, The Initiative. Oh, and they've acquired Undead Labs (State of Decay and its sequel).  They've also acquired Playground Games.  What've they made?  Oh Forza.

And a 4th new studio.  Wow, Ninja Theory.  Wow.  They fucking bought Ninja Theory?

Well, at least I won't have to worry about Hellblade 2.  Compulsion Games.  Huh.  We Happy Few.  I guess that means it's not on PS4 any more?

Well it's damn good Microsoft's investing in studios - that's something I've been saying they should do for years.  And now there's a We Happy Few trailer.  Coming August 11, 2018.

Now a "console launch exclusive."  Looks like PUBG.  It is.  It's DLC.

Next up, a world premiere - looks like Tales of Vesperia is coming to the new gen.  "Definitive Edition."  Includes DLC that's never come to the west before.  It didn't say exclusive, so I have to imagine it's for PS4 too, maybe Switch.  I was always jelly of Vesperia, but that was also ten years ago.

Coming this winter. Now, a world premiere (non-exclusive)...

Sounds like a sequel to Ubisoft's mutliplayer shooter, The Division?  Yes it is.  The Division 2.  And now they're showing a gameplay demo of The Division 2?  Instead of like, an Xbox exclusive?


Now an exec is touting Xbox Game Pass.  Apparently they've invented a way to make your games start faster.  It's called Fast Start.  Will launch for select titles in the June update later this month.  What does it actually do?  Faster DL, faster boot up?

Tom Clancy's The Division, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited and Fallout 4 are on Xbox Game Pass starting today.  "All enhanced for Xbox One X in gorgeous 4k."

Not many indies here, eh?

Oh wait now there's an indie sizzle reel lol.  And Capy's BELOW is listed as a "timed console exclusive?!"  Holy fuck it's going multiplat after an exclusivity window!

Now a Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer.  Very nice!

Now a "console launch exclusive."  A skating game!


And another "console launch exclusive."  Black Desert, this fall.

Devil.  May.  Cry. 5.  Starring Nero, featuring Dante.  Fuckyeah.  Looks good! Not an exclusive.

And now a console launch exclusive.  Oop Cuphead DLC.  The Delicious Last Course coming in 2019.

Another console launch exclusive.  You're a cute little fox in like a zelda-lookin' game.  Looks really nice!  Tunic.

And the rest are "world premiere games no one has seen before."  Something new from Bandai Namco...

Lol it looks like an anime hero crossover game.  Luffy, Naruto, Goku.  CGI trailer.  Ah it's a fighting game.  Jump Force.  (Shonen Jump - get it?)

Okay up next... is this a Techland game..?

Dying Light?  HAHAHAHAH IT IS!


Hahah Battletoads.  Returning in 2019.  Exclusive.

And now it looks like Just Cause 4.  And it is.  Coming December 4, 2018.

And now it's a Gears of War thing.  Gears Funko Pops are coming soon.  How nice!

Ah, now they're talking about Gears Tactics, a turn-based strategy game (xcom) in the Gears universe, set a decade before the first game.

And he announced Gears 5.  "Our most ambitious Gears of War title yet."

And now a gameplay trailer - but it's really more of a cinematic.  Looks nice!



Goddamn I wish I could find that Devil May Cry 5 trailer somewhere...

Oh, now he's saying they're already working on the next Xbox.  Well duh.  

Oh my goodness, there's another thing!  I love this song.  Oh shit this is Cyberpunk.

Okay that was good.  I'll do my best to find the good trailers and get 'em posted!

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