Monday, June 11, 2018

E3 2018 - PlayStation's Press Conference

Alllrighty!  The big one (for me)!  Days Gone.  Ghosts of Tsushima.  The Last of Us: Part 2.  LETS ROCK. 

Shawn Layden is up.  What are they in a tent this year?  This is the smallest E3 stage I've ever seen for Sony.  Okay apparently it's a church?  Weerird.

"Rather than a bombardment of new creative we're going to go deeper into titles that you've heard of before."  Hm.  I like new announcements, Sony.  We all do! 

Oop.  Now the guy who does the music for The Last of Us is onstage.  He's playin' the theme song on a banjo, wearing a hoodie.  It's weird to see a dude with a gray beard wearing a hoodie, isn't it? 


Answers all the questions I had - the combat looks absolutely fucking incredible, and an evolution of the wonderful on-a-razor's-edge action of the first game.  Fantastic trailer.  Fantastic. 

Now there's like an intermission as they move the audience to a different venue?  What the fuck, Sony, this is classic PS3 Launch Sony Arrogant Pretentious shit.  And you could have Guacamelee 2 gameplay here.  You could have it right here instead of Shawn with the PlayStation Blog Guy saying shit we already know.

I am seriously gonna' watch that gameplay like four more times. 

But instead, they're showing a Call of Duty trailer.  Muhhh.  Sony, this is terrible.  Who thought this was a good idea?  Y'know what?  I don't care.  Fire 'em. 

Huh.  The guys at the desk said that God of War is getting New Game Plus (awesome) and apparently PS+ subscribers will get Black Ops 3 for free today. 

And now it's a new Destiny 2 trailer.  Or at least one I haven't seen.

Ghost of Tsushima is up next, introduced by a white guy playing a Japanese flute and wearing a kimono and straw hat. 

Jesus, Sony, this is the most arrogant shit I've ever seen.  I'm not saying this guy's not rocking the flute, I'm just saying understand why we're watching a video games press conference and have some respect for our fucking time. 


I wonder if this is Guerrila's engine? 

Combat looks nice.  Way more traversal mechanics than I expected.  Stealth systems!

This gameplay trailer includes a beautiful samurai duel at sunset beneath the boughs of a maple tree as the wind blows crimson leaves across the scene. 


And now, a little bananna with glasses, I imagine from MediaMolecule's Dreams, is rockin' out on a guitar. 

And now, what looks like an exploration-horror game?

Nope.  Slow-mo stylish gunplay action! What the heck is this?  Control

From Remedy!  (Max Payne, Alan Wake).  Coming 2019. Day one!

And now, we're in first-person, but we seem to be about the size of a mouse or rat. 

Ooop it's the Resident Evil 2 Remake.  Coming January 25, 2019.

And then a... I dunno a Rick and Morty thing.  But now Kingdom Hearts is up, and lookin' pretty awesome.

Wow there's a Pirates of the Caribbean world with pirate battles and realistic-lookin' Jack Sparrow & Co.

Death Stranding's up. 

Okay that's the French lady from the last James Bond flick. 

We're like three trailers in and I'm still "what the fuck is going on?"

Annd Ni-oh 2 has been announced.

And now Spider-Man!

I've been meh on Spider-Man since its announcement, but these graphics look nice and the combat looks good.  Reminds me of inFamous - and that's a good thing.

Annnd that's actually the end of the show!  Pretty... disappointing, to be honest. 

Some awesome new announcements - Control in particular - Tsushima, TLoU2 and Spider-Man all look great, but... yeah, pacing was a problem, there, and Microsoft really blew them out of the water on volume of content. 

Sony's exclusives are miles ahead, tho. 

Alrighty, g'night everybody!

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