Monday, June 11, 2018

E3 2018 - Square Enix's Press Conference

Alrighty.  Remember, Squenix owns Tomb Raider so we have to care about it a little.  Also Kingdom Hearts, so let's see how this goes!

And Tomb Raider's up first!  We've got an in-game cinematic of the game's opening, and now Lara's doin' some stealth through a rainy jungle, makin' dudes fight each other, pullin' stealth kills, et cetera.  She can like press into foliage to turn invisible.  Very Predator

It does look very nice. I like how Nu Thomb Raider is basically Uncharted: Grimdark.  (Not sarcasm.)

And now... I'm not sure what this is to be honest.  It's a JRPG.  Oh it's a Final Fantasy obviously.  XIV Online?  I believe so.  No doubt it will receive some more expansions!  Looks like it's getting a Monster Hunter World crossover this summer. 

And now they're showing the same trailer for The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit that we saw yesterday (next thing from Dontnod). 

Now we've got a trailer for Dragon Quest XI.  Graphics are still lovely.  Launching September 4th, PS4 and Steam. 

And now a trailer for... I have no idea what this is.  Babylon's Fall, coming from Platinum Games.  PS4 and Steam, coming 2019.  Sort of like dark fantasy but with neon-glow magic powers. 

And now Nier: Automata's Xbox One port is up (launches June 26).

This is a lotta' stuff we've already seen, Squenix.  Not sure you had to do a press conference for this. 

 Now we've got an Octopath Traveler trailer.  It still looks lovely, but that demo turned me off pretty hard. 

Now we've got another Just Cause 4 trailer, but we're getting a lot more details than at MS's conference yesterday.  Annnd I don't know what this is, but it looks like a Deus Ex thing.  Live actors.  Nope.  It's a stylish, slo-mo infused brawler, going by this trailer.  The Quiet Man, coming to PS4 and Steam, "more to come in august."

And now Kingdom Hearts is up.   It's the trailer we saw at Microsoft's conference yesterday. 

And... wait, that's it?

That's the whole thing? 

Okay.  Okay, then.  I guess I'll... just...

...I'll just go.

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