Monday, June 11, 2018

E3 2018 - Ubisoft's Press Conference

Ubisoft has a history of painful French jokes that fail to translate and Aisha Tyler trying very, very hard.  Let's see what we've got.

We begin with someone in a panda suit and marching band uniform dancing on the street with a bunch of other technicolor characters.  Wow this is going on for a long time.  And now the Panda and marching band folk are dancing into the theater. 

Oh Ubisoft.  You'll never learn.  Just Dance 2018.

And now we're in outer space, zooming in to the icy rings of a planet, and a ship cruising across it.  Folk inside appear drunk or otherwise hippy-ish - oh it's BG&E 2.  And it turns out that Jade is the bad guy in this game! 

Now they're inviting fan to submit artwork, songs and ideas to contribute to the game.  And now Joseph Gordon-Levitt is onstage?  Okay, apparently it's his company (Hit Record) is going to be facilitating this crowdsourced content thing.

Now a dude's up to talk about Rainbow Six Siege.  (Stifles a yawn.)

He's saying the R6S community is "over 35 million players."  That's pretty big! Apparently Siege is its own esport - didn't know that was a thing. 

And now a funny dude is up to talk about Trials.  Apparently, Trials is back and bigger than ever.  I remember that one summer Trials was big. 

Trials Rising.  There'll be a closed beta later this year.  Release date February 2019.  PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

The Division 2 is up next.  Hope this isn't the same trailer from the Microsoft conference lol.  Nope, this appears to be new!  Very depressing!  And now a dude is talking.  There will be 8-player raids in the sequel. 

There will be 3 episode DLCs post launch, "each one bringing new story, new areas to explore and new activity.  And the best part - all of these episodes will be completely free for everyone."  But that's not a very Ubisoft thing to do!  Coming March 15, 2019.

And now a dude is thanking people for receiving MarioRabbids well, without mentioning the game's name itself.  And apparently they're working on a Donkey Kong game?  Has this been announced?

What the fuck is this? DLC for Mario & Rabbids with DK, I guess?

Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure - available June 26.  I really don't think that needed a live band. 

Skull & Bones is up next.  CG trailer. And now some gameplay!  Ooh there's like a town that you can walk around and customize your ship at the shipwright.  Nice.  And now there's some hot hot ship-on-ship action.  Looks better than its initial showing, that's for sure. 

And now Elijiah Wood's up to talk about Transference, so I'm going pee. 

And now I'm back and they're showing one of those toys-to-life games - Starlink: Battle For Atlas.   Ew.  And Fox McLeod and his Arwing has shown up and the crowd loves it.  Another Nintendo tie-in. 

Every time this French guy says "Fox" it sounds like he's saying "fucks."  And Shigeru Miyamoto's in the audience, and stands up to get some applause.  And he gets a little Arwing model given to him.  Nice. 

Launching on all consoles on Oct 16, with Starfox exclusive to Switch (obv).

For Honor's up next.  They're giving away "the PC Starter Edition" 'till June 18th.

Looks like a Chinese faction is coming to the game.  Marching Fire, coming October 16th.

The Crew 2's up now. 

Man, are there any Ubisoft games that I'm hyped for?  Can't seem to think of one.  Curious about BG&E 2, of course...

The Crew 2's open Beta opens June 21, you can preload it now.

And now, Assassin's Creed Odyssey.  Very Greek.  Apparently you have a magic sword and it gives you powers?  (Blade of Leonidas - the Spartan king of 300 fame.)  It looks quite nice and nothing like an Assassin's Creed game. 

"It truly is a role-playing journey."  You can choose to play as a male or female - Alexios or Kassandra.  Finally, Ubisoft.  Good call. 

The hero is a descendent of Leonidas.  Apparently there's a ton of player-choice in terms of story that will have an effect.  And now there's a gameplay sequence.  Looks good, but the combat animation doesn't look very feedback-y.  Like hits that should register on the hero get interrupted, hits that look like they should whiff you bash you into the ground.  Hm.

Launches October 5th

And that seems to be it!

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