Saturday, June 9, 2018

Game Diary - That Was A Good One

I played a lot of mystery heroes last night, and ended up with an all-time-best PotG - up there with the 5K on Lijiang in the middle of Lone Digger, or the crazy one one Oasis at the end of Comics

Okay, so we're in the Comms Tower on Lijiang, right?  And it's mystery heroes, but I rolled Tracer so I'm playing very conservatively for fear of losing the hero I'm best with.  The enemy Brigitte comes thumping up the little hallways with the small health pack, and I back right the hell out for fear of the Bash->Swing->Whip Shot combo. 

She's being backed up by her Ana - Brigitte is kind of impossible to kill with another healer at her back - so I start tearing into the Ana, and finish her with a melee strike.  The Brigitte comes for me, but I lay in a solid clip from midrange and blink behind her, finishing her with a half-clip and a melee just as she tries to shield bash my Widow, which results in her body flying away in a tumbling ragdoll.

I turn around as the enemy Mercy resurrects their McCree and the enemy Zarya drops her projected barrier on him as he comes back.

I zip in, slap him with the Pulse Bomb just as my Orisa lands a halt on the three of them - triple kill.


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