Saturday, June 23, 2018

Game Diary - You're powered up! Get in there!

So Chris and I are playing Overwatch last night, and I'm doing some Tracer and some Mercy.  Every time I go Tracer, I end up complaining that the enemy team always seems to have a Mercy and a Brigitte, or Brigitte and Moira, Mercy and Lucio, and so on. One team had three supports - one of them an excellent, aggressive Zen - and while my enemies are chillin' in hot tubs full bubbling with heals, our team (when I go Tracer) tends to have a solo Zen healing, or an Ana.

Ana sucks, we agree.  We end up having a brief discussion about healer balance, and I point out to him that Moira can technically heal up to 80x5 HP per second, if she's spraying 5 allies at once - 400 health per second.  Not counting her orb.  With the orb, she can heal like 155 HPS.

Mercy, another main healer, can do 60 HPS, but she can always dish out that much.  She can't miss like a Moira or Ana can - she's consistent.  Reliable.

Ana, the last main healer in the game, can heal 80 HPS - slightly more than Mercy - but only if she's nailing every shot.  An Ana player basically needs to be skilled enough to play an excellent Widowmaker - and if she's that good, then just maybe she can put out as much healing, perhaps more, than an average, inexperienced, unskilled Mercy.

Here, on PS4, an excellent Widowmaker is a very rare thing - and a half-decent Ana is rare like a unicorn.  Getting an Ana on your team, as a general rule, means you're gonna' lose unless you can hard carry on your own, with health packs.  The game's just a wash, at that point.

So after this conversation, Chris and I are defending on Numbani, and we get an instalock Ana.  Alrighty then.  I don't feel like trying this hard.  I'm just gonna' have some fun.  I selected Reaper.  Sometimes I can have crazy-good Reaper games, and he does have good synergy with Ana - an Ana using her ult, Nanoboost, on a Reaper is a good choice.  It changes his ult from very, very dangerous to absolutely insane, and even if he doesn't have ult, a Reaper can lay down a massive, one-hit-kill-potential shotgun slap once a second for Nanoboost's brief, five-second duration.  (Tracer, in an absolute best-case scenario, can empty one clip, reload, empty another clip, reload, and empty a third clip - three picks - over that five seconds.)

As Ana, my brother and I run up to Numbani's point to begin our doomed defense, someone else on the team picks Mercy, and leaves spawn to catch up with us.

Hm.  Well, now we have two primary healers.  I can dig that.  I fling myself off the edge of the map, die, respawn as Tracer, and race back to the point to begin our defense.  "My ultimate is charging!" the Ana calls out.

Yeah, great.  Whatever.

We lose the point on the first teamfight, and Ana keeps calling out her ult charge and I keep on ignoring it.  As a general rule, I get Nanoboosted when our Ana misses her actual target - and then, I'm generally anxious from the sudden stage fright of knowing that this Ana is hearing every bullet I land, noting the deafening silence when I miss, and is getting a kill register for every elim I actually manage, so I don't tend to get much value out of it.

It's a lot of pressure.  So you can tell where this is going.

The teamfight's going on, The Instalock Ana calls out that her ult is ready and WHAP!  Suddenly I'm glowing blue, lightning crackling off me.  "I'm unstoppable!" Tracer calls.  I'm not positioned well to take advantage of it, there aren't any enemies terribly nearby and I'm low on blink and rewind resources.  I don't get much done, but we do win that teamfight, and we press on.

We win the match, and, as it turns out, that Ana didn't miss.  Every.  Single.  Time this Ana gets her ult, she slaps it on the Tracer instead of our tank or Hanzo or Genji.  For my part, I don't get any better about capitalizing on the Nanoboosts, but we win the teamfights, we win the match, and the next round on Numbani attack, we do it again.

She knows I'm not really getting much done with it - why is she boosting me?

To this day, I have no answers.

The next game, we're on Eichenwald defense, and I'm feeling a bit grateful for having two primary healers for the past two games.  I go Mercy, in the hopes of supporting the support duo while they enjoy some DPS or tank action.

It does not go well.  The next game, Eichenwald attack, The Instalock Ana and her duo partner are still on my team.  I instalock Tracer.  She goes Ana, we just do it all again and I finally score a PotG with her Nanoboost.

It's a humble one.  On the third point, I stick Orisa and blink backwards through her shield, into Ana's LoS. Ana nano's me just as the bomb goes off, I blink forward through the shield, finish Orisa, turn around and one-clip Brigitte, then get 50% of the enemy Ana, but no killing blow. 2.5 kills. Very modest.  We don't win, but we get it pretty damn close.

The next game, it's Oasis.  I fucking love Oasis - but now, The Instalock Ana and her duo partner are on the enemy team.

I don't fight against her.  A few people have left, the lobby closes, and the system starts trying to find us another game.

The Ana sends me a friend request.

I accept.

Artist's name is Sai Ichirou, and that's all I've got :(

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