Monday, June 18, 2018

Kill la Kill is (finally) getting a video game.

This, again, reminds me that I haven't played Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time - the first video game based on a Studio Trigger anime.  Why haven't I tried it yet?  Its horrific Metacritic score might have something to do with it. 

The Kill la Kill: The Game IF is being made beneath the auspices of publisher Arc System Works - responsible for the most respectable, incredible-looking fighting games in the world - but it's being developed by APLUS. 

What is APLUS?  It is, notably, not ATLUS, legendary RPG developer.  APLUS is the developer of... Little Witch Academia: Chamber of TimeAgain:

So... expectations are very, very, very, very... very low.  But, like LWA:CoT, its screenshots sure look like it does an excellent job of capturing the look of the show. 


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