Sunday, June 10, 2018

Microsoft's Presser In A Nutshell

Okay, let's break it down. 

Microsoft tends to do good conferences just by virtue of stuffing them to the gills with cool third-party stuff, and this year was no exception.  A vast departure from EA's snoozefest, there was a lot of good-looking stuff, here, but few of those were exclusives.    So heeere we go!

Halo Infinite was announced, but no details were offered.  It's coming from 343 Studios.  (Xbox Xclusive.)

This is a big one: the "Shadows Die Twice" teaser from From Software at The Game Awards last year?  That's for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and here's its trailer.  Fuck.  Yes. 

Fallout 76 got its first gameplay trailer, which made it look to all the world like a totally normal Fallout game. 

Metro Exodus got another very nice-looking trailer.  Kinda' hyped, there.

Forza Horizon 5 was announced, and Chamberlain's unhappy that the open-world bit is populated by other players.

The biggest news of the show for Xbox, The Company, though, was that they have finally followed my sagacious advice and are investing in more studios.  (Let's hope these studios aren't driven into the ground by executives a'la Lionhead and Rare...)  Xbox now owns...

  • The Initiative, a new internal Microsoft studio.  
  • Undead Labs (State of Decay)
  • Playground Games (they've worked on Forza)
  • Ninja Theory (Hellblade)
  • Compulsion Games (We Happy Few)

This is a good thing for Xbox gamers, I like to think.  It's worth noting that Ninja Theory's best game was developed in partnership with Capcom (DmC: Devil May Cry), Compulsion has never actually put out a good game, and Undead Labs' stuff is always buggy as fuck, but pay my knowledge of small game studios no mind - Microsoft needs to invest in creatives, and here, they've done it.

It's a good thing.  Also Hellblade fucking sucked and I don't need a sequel to that shit. 

Oh, and it stuck out to me that when Capy Games' Below appeared in a sizzle reel, it was listed as a "timed console exclusive," which I'm hoping means it'll come to other consoles later.  And speaking of indies, Cuphead is getting some DLC in 2019.  The one indie I'm actually jealous of from this conference, though, is Tunic.  I'd play that. 

Last-gen JRPG classic Tales of Vesperia is getting an up-port to the new gen.
The Division 2, a sequel to Ubisoft's multiplayer shooter, is on the way.

Devil May Cry 5 was announced, and here's a trailer.  Looks awesome.  Coming "spring 2019."

Dying Light 2 was announced, and here's 2 trailers.  Given that Dying Light is one of my favorite games of all time, this pleases us.  This pleases us greatly. 

Just Cause 4 was announced, along with Gears of War Funko Pops, a Gears Xcom-style tactics game called Gears Tactics, which may be a smart phone game, and they announced Gears 5.

And they ended the show with the second-ever trailer for The Witcher III dev CD Projekt Red's much-hyped next title, Cyberpunk 2077 - it looks pretty awesome

And that was Microsoft's presser!  Not much in terms of exclusives, not much in terms of things to care about in 2018, but there are three huge ones in here, for me - Sekiro, Dying Light 2 and Devil May Cry 5

Yes please.

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